Actor/Actress appearing the most

Actresses it could go to Allison Hayes, with four movies:
-Donna in “The Crawling Hand”
-Grace Thomas in “The Unearthly”
-Erica Page in “Gunslinger”
-Livia in “The Undead”

…and yet they never did what may be her most famous role (at least yet):


There used to be a great breakdown of this online, but I’m not finding it anymore—it must have been on before it went bye-bye.

The inclusion of Paul Frees is a bit misleading. He doesn’t actually “appear” in most of the MST movies he is in. Only his famous voice is heard in The Magic Sword, Beginning of the End and The Sword and The Dragon and he was the writer/director on The Beatniks.

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Aye, it’s one of the artefacts from letting algorithms do the work.

How fortunate! This will simplify everything!


Also, does Judd Holdren (Commando Cody) count?

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