Adding the Gizmoplex to Plex aggregation?

Looks like Plex is getting into streaming service content aggregation, at least so far as discovering what’s viewable in which streaming app. Understand, Plex is just seeking to centralize finding content; if you select something that’s on, say, Netflix, Plex will punt you the relevant page in Netflix‘s app to actually watch the movie, show, or episode in question.

Seeing as I’m already using Plex for managing personal media as well as watching the MST3K Channel, any idea if the Gizmoplex could be included?


If it could, it seems like it would be a good idea. I like the Gizmoplex as a central home for MST3K, but it also needs to be discoverable. Leave people a breadcrumb trail to find the Gizmoplex from the streaming services they’re already using.


After poking around a bit, it looks like a fair number of the streaming services Plex is already supporting are VHX OTT ones, e.g., Shout Factory TV and the Criterion Channel. The Gizmoplex ought to be a shoe-in.