Additional navigation buttons for video player

Ever miss a riff and just want to skip back a few seconds to re-listen for it, without having to hunt-and-peck in the progress bar?

Or ever start an episode, but want to skip through the beginning part, to get to where you fell asleep last night, but you don’t know how far it was?

I think when you mouse over the video that’s playing in the theater, there should be a few additional navigation buttons.

  1. a “back 10 seconds” button so you can re-play that most-recent riff
  2. possibly a forward 10 or 30 second button, but I don’t think that’s super important if…
  3. “hold to scrub” FF and RWD buttons so you can visually see where you are in the movie, like maybe it starts at 10 seconds per 1 second of holding until 5 seconds have passed, then it bumps up to 30 seconds per 1 second of holding the button? I’ll often fall asleep to an MST3K, and when I re-start it, I need to fast-forward until I get to a scene I don’t remember seeing, then I can click the “back 10 seconds” button a few times, and then resume where I left off.
    3.b) Short of the FF and RWD buttons, being able to drag across the progress bar would be handy. You can do this on and vimeo.

Those options would definitely be useful. I’ve been watching on my laptop, and found myself wishing there was a “back 10 seconds” button too. Then I realized that pressing the left arrow on the keyboard takes you back 5 seconds, the right arrow, 5 seconds forward. I don’t know how to do this on my phone though, so if anyone knows how, please let me know.