Additional Tour Dates?

The MST3K Live website still says that additional dates will be announced. Does anyone know what those will be? I’m hoping for a Sacramento area show. They came through Folsom on the last tour, and it was a well-attended show. I’m considering travelling to the San Francisco or Reno shows, but a local show would be much easier. I’m pretty bummed that they seemed to have skipped over us this time, but maybe there’s still hope?


In a comment on an earlier update, Lesley mentioned that she thinks the last round of new tour dates mentioned a couple of weeks ago were probably going to be the last new tour dates… Which is a shame because I’d really prefer not to have to drive all the way to Houston…

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I just keep looking at that blank spot on the calendar between SF and LA and hoping for the best. There is just no way to swing a mid-work-week event unless the drive to/from is under an hour, and unfortunately nothing on the calendar falls into that category at the moment. I just can’t swing those all nighters anymore where I roll back into town at 1am and clock in for work at 4am.

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I have a feeling they’ll use that extra day to shoot the Christmas Special, since all the pieces will be in the same town at once.