Adopt a stray topic, a nice way to make the forums even better

So far, these forums are impressively civil and supportive, especially when compared to the rest of the internet. That isn’t too surprising with misties, but it is still something special to be nurtured.

Maybe we can make the place even better. When you have a minute and you’re just browsing topics, pick one or two that haven’t gotten many (or any) responses. Even if they aren’t really that interesting, pick the one that inspires you most and see if you can leave some sort of positive post about it. Maybe you can’t answer their question or comment directly, but you can ask questions of your own, provide encouragement… Be creative, just do something. But definitely don’t just bump the thread, that isn’t very inspiring.

We’ve all posted something and just heard crickets. It happens, it is normal. But if folks, especially newbies, are engaged they are more likely to stick around. The more people feel heard, the easier it is for them to hear others, and they become better community members. And sometimes someone is having a bad day, and posting is how they reach out. Isn’t it worth it to take a few minutes to engage with someone if there is even a small chance it might help them get through their day? We have the opportunity to make a community that is kinder (and gentler) than the rest of the interwebs. I think adopting threads could be one way to do that.

Thoughts? Ideas for other ways to foster a healthy group?


does this one count? good idea in general though.


I think Discourse is well suited to this. I’d not used a Discourse forum before, and was apprehensive about its “gamification” features, but I must admit the like/heart button is really useful. The first time someone liked one of my posts it felt really good.

It’s no replacement for more meaningful interaction, but it’s a great gentle way to acknowledge a new person.


Heck yeah! You responded to the post and engage me. Mission accomplished!


This is a bit corny, and I’m sure you agree so this isn’t a counterpoint, but sometimes those gentle acknowledgements are far more meaningful than we know. I’ve known enough people who just need a smile, a nod, something to open them up. There are so many shy people out in fandomland, and they have wonderful things to say if we can make them feel safe enough to say them.


You are a beautiful human being.

I am reminded of these lines from The Merchant of Venice:

How far that little candle throws his beams!
So shines a good deed in a naughty world.


I am just a mirror for my teachers. The beauty was their teachings, and it was a pleasure to pass them along on their journey.

… or something else that also sounds like a fortune cookie.


This is lovely. I’m doing it now.


You do it. I’m bitter.



Well said sir.

Take all my likes.

You’ve earned them.

Also its dangerous out there so just take them already!


I’m catching up on forums after being out yesterday and wow, this is so great and truly MSTies are the best group of folks on the entire internet.


Off topic: I was today years old when I realized that’s what Willy Wonka is saying at the end (when Charlie returns his everlasting gobstopper). Thanks for teaching me something today!



Also off topic…
Here’s another Willy Wonka lesson for you: Recognize the beginning of this poem?


Wonka was well read. I think he drops an Ogden Nash in there too!



“your lucky numbers are 13, 4, 23, 11” ?


lucky numbers were updated to 4 8 15 16 23 42. barring a typo, this might b funny :slight_smile: and also, if anyone gets the reference. else you just laughing at random numbers.either works for me tho :smiley:


Thoughtful of you. I’ve deleted replies because I was nervous. “Am I getting off topic? Do I sound whiny?Does this sound mean when I don’t intend to be?”


I like this, I always strive to do this in my life. Encouraging others who put themselves out there and their passion sometimes doesn’t “click” for others. Or maybe they come off awkward or disheveled because they are new to a hobby/focus/field. I embrace that awkwardness knowing I once was just as green, maybe even more.

I think so much of the internet is everyone clambering to show their “best side” and it’s refreshing to have some awkwardness and some raw passion and excitement in ones post to show the beauty in imperfection.

Also, if you find a post that fits well with another post it’s a good idea to link a post that isn’t gaining much traction, sometimes a push in the right direction is all they need.

Here’s a post I came across that I believe is a good idea, but hasn’t gained much traction: Another MSTie's Treasure - The Positive MST3K Review Blog


That cyberninja audit really dropped off the headlin—

Awww, dammit, I did it wrong again

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