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In light of Spider-Man: No Way Home releasing today and the current success of Hawkeye, the D+ TV show, I thought I’d start a thread for discussion of any upcoming Marvel or DC projects.

What, if anything, are you looking forward to the most? I think for me I’m most anxiously awaiting two things: Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness and season 2 of Loki. Further out I’m highly interested in how Marvel will handle introducing both the Fantastic 4 and mutants into the MCU at large.

DC; there’s not as much there I’m really anxiously waiting for. Shazam 2 is probably it at this point. I’d’ve added Aquaman 2, except they kept Amber Heard as Mara and I don’t have time for an abusive witch so I’m not going to see that one in theaters at all.

So… anything you guys are looking forward to?


I don’t think they should introduce Mutants to the MCU at all, they won’t fit in and Eternals used the “They’ve always been here secretly” story.

I don’t like the introduction of Multiverse stuff into the MCU either, it gets muddy SO fast when people are jumping universes.

DC isn’t exciting me at all, they don’t feel like they’re taking many risks, Birds Of Prey and The Suicide Squad were great, but I don’t feel like that maniac style will fold into other DC movies, which is a pity.

DC should do a Booster Gold movie though, I’d be well up for that!


I think ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ handled the Multiverse thing very well, but I’m of the ‘one hero at a time’ camp usually. I have NO interest in The Avengers or the Eternals or the Inhumans. Just give me a Spider-person or Ms. Marvel and I’m happy.

I was even irritated by the use of Iron Man in the current Spider-man movies. Get your Iron Man out of my Spider-Man movie!

I did totally LOVE Black Panther. I enjoyed WandaVision immensely, but I’ve avoided most of the MCU even though I grew up on Marvel comics.

I will see the new Spider-Man when I can stream it, and probably the new Strange movie when it comes out (although I really don’t like the character at all).


As a kid, I so wanted to see my Marvel comics heroes on the big screen, but only if the technology was there to make it work… and when that finally happened in my adulthood I was higher than a kite.

Unfortunately, years and years later… I’m burned out on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the formula of it all. My favorite recent comic book movies have been those that were doing their own thing Logan, and Spider-Verse.

Saying that, the Disney+ series WandaVision and Loki were really good, and I’m enjoying Hawkeye, so, there’s still something there to interest and entertain me.

But am I looking forward to anything big screen-wise? I dunno, Black Widow and The Eternals were M’eh, and despite some positive reviews, I didn’t like Shang Chi at all. So I can’t say Spidey or Strange is anything I’m hyped about.

And despite being an X-Men nut, I have concerns about them being folded into the MCU.

Over at DC, the only thing I seriously loved was the first Wonder Woman movie. The recent Suicide Squad was good. I hated BoP - Shazam and Aquaman I was cool too.

I am a bit curious about Batman after the last trailer hit, the Catwoman stuff grabbed me.

If I’m really looking forward to something like I used to look forward to them, it would be the forthcoming Disney+ series - Loki 2, Moon Knight and She-Hulk


I have a lot of beef with MCU’s Spiderman movies, so I have barely any intereest in the one that’s coming out today.
The second Spiderverse movie, on the other hand……
Oh and the loki series was really great too. So far I’ve enjoyed all the D+ Marvel series, though I haven’t watched much of Hawkeye or What If, but I liked Loki the best because he’s always been one of my favorites and I felt like the story was really interesting, and the whole aesthetic of the show was fantastic.


It’s all about the third and final Guardians of the Galaxy for me. I gotta get my Rocket Raccoon fix!


I was really into the Infinity Saga… saw every movie, didn’t hate any of them. I was a big fan of the Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter TV shows. But now… it just seems like a good stepping-off point for me. I intend to see both Black Widow and the new Spider-Man at some point, since they are both directly connected to what’s come before. But I’m not going out of my way to keep up with the whole story going forward. I don’t have Disney+ so I haven’t seen any of the newer TV shows. Just kind of getting bored with the whole superhero thing, I guess.

I haven’t liked any DC movie since Nolan, and I really don’t like Zack Snyder’s stuff, so I’ve just tuned it out really.

It’s weird… I was a fan of DC Comics but not of Marvel, but with the movies it’s the opposite.


I’m 100% the same, I was a total DC kid growing up, JLI4LYFE!

I’ve not read a DC book since The New 52 though, so I was sorta forced to move to Marvel for my Super-Hero stuff at least.


Ditto. I did like the first Wonder Woman movie, but otherwise it’s felt like the movies never capture the characters I knew from the comics. In my case, it might be that I haven’t read any of those comics for the past 15 years or so.

I HAVE started watching Doom Patrol on HBO Max and am enjoying that. And I still wish there was a Jack Knight Starman series.


The first season of Stargirl was a delight, the second season, mm, not so much.


I don’t think it would have worked as a TV show, but I would have been delighted to be proven wrong!

Stargirl is actually kind of OK, it’s weird that they think 20 years ago was the 1940’s, but it does do a lot with the JSA characters, and the Cosmic Rod looks perfect!


The dude playing The Shade is perfect though!


Agree. I mean it had moments, but all told it didn’t coalesce into something superb like the first season. But yeah, The Shade was one of the highlights.


Season 2 was a Covid season, let’s give them a break!

They could probably swap showrunner too… or take Courtney, Shade, Beth, and the Sporty Parent villains over to Legends :smiley:

I dropped most of the books after the new 52 also. I really hate reboots, and especially mid-stream reboots. For me to get invested in a story there has to be a reliable continuity… if you say one day “all those characters and stories you got invested in are different now,” it’s not a story. It’s a game.


Exactly, we didn’t even get a Crisis for it, just a Flash miniseries where he commits omniversal genocide twice.

It was just a full stop of a bunch of books I liked (Batgirl, Morrison’s Batman, etal) so they could do a dull 90’s style reboot of everything, create a bunch of books that were never going to go anywhere, and they just never stopped rebooting.

There’s no point reading DC books, they’ll be rebooted in a few years, so it’s pointless.

I think that’s infected my view of the DC movies, because they’re doing the same thing there, BIG NAMES! ONE UNIVERSE oh no it didn’t work let’s just do stuff instead.



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Caveat: I’m 51 years old, I haven’t read a comic book since probably the early 80s.

Thoroughly enjoyed the movie run up to Endgame. They had a plan, they executed the plan, and they had great casting to carry off the plan. Well done all around. Now, I’m not sure what they will do. They don’t have a Robery Downey Jr or a Chris Evans to carry the series forward. Black Panther is in limbo after the death of Chadwick Boseman, so that piece has been removed. What is going to be the big focus moving forward in that universe?

As for the D+ shows, WandaVision was good, Falcon and the Winter Soldier was okay but lost focus, Loki was really good but I’m not sure where it can go or how that will affect the movie side, and I’m enjoying Hawkeye. This was a great way to expand on these secondary characters, and I’ll be interested to see how what happens in these shows carries over to the next phase of the movies.

I loved Arrow when it first started, but lost interest around season 4. Legends of Tomorrow is still a kick in the pants and a lot of fun. I haven’t watched any of the most recent season of The Flash as it appears to be crossover over with everything it can think of and I have zero interest in Black Lightning, Star Girl, Supergirl, etc, to really care. Berlanti may be running out of steam.

As for the films, for whatever reason DC can’t make a good superhero movie to save its life. The first Wonder Woman was an okay flick, I guess, the ending was a bit pants. As for the rest, I never really hear about them. Where is the buzz for these films? Batman vs Superman was their attempt at an Avengers-style blending of the franchise and was plain weird. Aquaman was an okay origin story, but the character always suffered from its limited scope. Not sure where you go with the sequel.


It looks like they’re setting up Young/Dark Avengers, Kang, and the Multiverse, those last 2 SCREAM Fantastic Four to me,

They’re filming Wakanda Forever right now

What is going to be the big focus moving forward in that universe? Yeah, what’s the next big thing after Infinity War? I’m a fan of them doing Dark Reign, switch it so the Heroes are fighting from the underground, but who knows?


The problem is they can’t seem to make a good Fantastic Four movie any better than they can make a good Incredible Hulk movie. (and I say this as probably the only person who enjoyed the Ioan Gruffudd FF film) so do you want to bank on FF, and probably Doctor Strange anchoring the next 10-15 movies to the next big climax pay off? In my mind, it is all going to be down to the casting. If they can cast a great Fantastic Four team (and they proved they can cast good ensembles with Guardians) that will be the big indicator of how successful the next run of MCU movies will be.

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Young / Dark Avengers will be the anchor, like The Avengers were previously, they’ve already started building both teams up, but talking that further might be spoilery!

I think it’s entirely possible to do a good FF film, I’ll be honest I never thought that a good Captain America film was possible, and we got almost 2 of those!

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