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I’m so down for for Bwahahaha you have no idea. Even just a Booster Gold movie would be great but full Bwahahaha would make my life time.

I’m trying to bite my tongue but can’t. She-Hulk is way more than a gender swapped Hulk. I’m gonna keep from ranting, but I will say this, she was Deadpool before Deadpool was a thing. She’s worth a look.

And one after. The GOOD one. And yes, I do actually think Teen Titans Go is the good one.


I’ve been saying for a while that Nextwave would make an excellent TV series. I figured Warren Ellis’s exile would make that unlikely, but now FreakAngels is coming out, so who knows?


Well, we’re 1/6th the way there, We’ve got Monica in the MCU!


We save that for the scene where he meets Ted Kord in the after the credits sequence… “You think you’re the first Super-Hero I’ve met? I’ve met Norse Ice-goddesses, an Oreo-Obsessed Martian, and a 6 foot tall dog from space… he has no nose, he smells terrible”


She was one of the copyright securing genderflip characters, but once in the hands of someone who wanted to write them, a lot of those characters turned out pretty great!


I’d discovered with Ellis, if you read him you take a risk you’ll never see a proper close to the series, or there will be delays. With Planetary I waited until it was finished and in collected form, then I sat back and drank it all in, no delay, no frustration.

FreakAngels is coming out? -goes look- oh, it’s anime, would have loved to have seen that live-action, but ah well, I’ll take it,

And Netxwave, another near and dear one. That was a riot and would make for a great TV/Movie adaptation.

On She-Hulk, I really like the casting of the lead… in fact, the casting, in general, has been rock solid (beyond the movie regulars) in these D+ shows (Steinfeld is a wonderful Kate Bishop)

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Nextwave would make a great ANYTHING. Heck, I’d even watch a series about any of the characters solo adventures in their Nextwave incarnation.

Yeah, twice now, but who we really need in the MCU is Elsa Bloodstone. Blade can go pound sand. Elsa is one of my all time fav characters and probably always will be.

I do! But If that’s the route, it should really go “Booster Gold,” “Blue and Gold,” and then a full fledged JLI movie. Just going Booster to JLI will force WAY too many characters at once.

Sure, she started that way, but has been given such a full character treatment I’ve never seen her as just a female version of the Hulk, much like Ghost Spider and Spider-Man.

Yeah, see I was an idiot and never learned that lesson.

New Universal book 2? Nope!

Nextwave is a rare one, he and Stuart Immonen were willing to keep going, but their page rates and the sales on the book weren’t financially compatible.

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I feel like they could just take any of the Next Wave characters and drop them easily into the MCU without much work.

Absolutely. Booster Gold, Blue And Gold then Superbuddies/JLI.
Other characters can have other movies, but Booster should be the spine of the films, akin to Iron Man for Marvel.

I’ve spent a long time thinking how I would want it done!


She-Hulk is very distinct from Hulk. If the title was Savage She-Hulk I could definitely see myself avoiding it for similar reasons.

Personally, I’m hoping it’s more of a legal drama… for the same reason I still hold out for a Damage Control series.

Since I’ve reread the thread, I’ll pitch in with a Justice League Antarctica bid and Plastic Man, if I could have fantasy movies come true. I’d love to see Ted Kord and Booster Gold hit the big screen in a classic JLI way.


Ellis finished Transmetropolitan, which is still my favorite comics series of all time.

Tabitha Smith was my favorite Nextwave misfit.

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The characters, maybe, the scenarios they go against not so much. I mean, It’s not like most know who Fing Fang Foom and Devil Dinosaur is. Dirk Anger would work, though.

I actually think Super Buddies would work better. Smaller cast, easier to follow scenarios, less worry for the studios about “ruining” established characters with comedy.

That’s gonna be a hard sell to non-booster fans. It can be done, but the writer would have to be extremely talented.

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? Did they do a different Damage Control that I’m not aware of? The Damage Control I know was a sit com…

I would love to see a Plas movie. Good call!


The Punisher. Netflix got it right in casting Jon Bernthal for the lead role. Would love to see him added to the MCU.


Damage Control has been in the background of the MCU since Iron Man, it used to be a part of SHIELD and became a federal agency after The Battle Of New York.

It’d be the same story, Booster, Beetle, Fire, Ice, and G’nort forming a team :smiley:

I think we all forget how non-relevant and unimportant Iron Man was before his movie, but one good film can change things! It would need a good writer though, you’re not wrong!


Iron Man was my boyhood favorite, I liked him because, while he was rich, he was a regular guy - not mutated, not bitten by a bug, not dipped in goo, just a man who made his own suit. And what a suit, the best toy with all the cool tech a boy (or man) could love.

When people called him a 3rd tier character and spoke of the risk Marvel was taking, I thought, the naysayers are going to get a big surprise, because Iron Man was made for the movies. Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, Hulk, etc, might be Marvel Superhero icons, but don’t sleep on Stark.

And what happened? He soon vaulted to the A-list (and my inner kid couldn’t have been happier).


One major difference between Booster and Iron Man in this regard though would be that Iron Man had a title-role cartoon at that point (with an awesome second season theme, see below) while Booster has only had guest appearance roles thus far.

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Well, we’ve now got


Vincent D’Onofrio and Charlie Cox

in the MCU (spoilers for Hawkeye and the new Spider-Man movie; uncover at your own risk) so it could happen.


I wasn’t a Marvel kid, but I’d picked up some issues around the time of “The Crossing” because I liked the art and loved bits of the suit design, but I think we all know now that was a bad place to pick up Avengers books!

He was a 3rd-teir character because he was the only character that Marvel actually had the rights to who hadn’t already had a movie, but because there was general recognition like the Cartoons and toys, he was recognizable enough for the possibility of a movie, so they focus-grouped a bunch of kids and even Marvel were surprised that Iron Man won out.

Iron Man being as great as it is wasn’t just luck, but the fact that it even got started is a little miracle!

As an aside: Watch Iron Man again, it’s just such a good movie.

While I don’t love “Elon Musk is the REAL Tony Stark”, I am happy that such an unlikely thing worked so well, and then lead to a bunch of really good, fun, movies, and also a Doctor Strange film.


I covered this in a previous response, but yes, the cartoons gave a big boost to getting the film made, but I think it’s less of an issue now, we can get unknown characters up on the screen now, and I do think Booster Gold would pop-off, especially given Birds Of Prey and The Suicide Squad, DC are in their “lets take a risk” period.

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Oh God, never mention “The Crossing” to an old School Iron Man fan, :wink: that was a nightmare and a total betrayal of the character.

And I should mention I’m old, I started with Marvel in the 60s, so I was reading Iron Man long before the… :zipper_mouth_face: (that which should not be named), even before the great Michelinie/Romita Jr/Layton run (which introduced Rhodes, and Scott Lang as Ant-Man, among others).

So when I talk about my inner kid, and what a delight it was to see that movie on the big screen, that’s very much the truth. Tony and I go way back.