Amazing Colossal MST3K Trivia Challenge Answers

Pencils down. Time to reveal the answers. The letter indicating the correct response is followed with a number indicating the general percentage of how many respondants got the right answer described in the key below, along with the episode name and season number the question came from.

1: Everyone got it right
2: A majority (at least fifty percent) got it right
3: A plurality (less than fifty percent, but most votes) got it right
4: The correct answer tied for most votes
5: A wrong answer got a majority or plurality
6: No one got the right answer

Go and see how well or poorly you did

  1. A2 The Crawling Hand[1]; 2. C5 Manos: The Hands of Fate[4]; 3. B2 I Accuse My Parents[5]; 4. C1 Mitchell[5]; 5. B2 The Brain That Wouldn’t Die[5]; 6. A5 The Wild, Wild World of Batwoman[5]; 7. B2 Red Zone Cuba[6]; 8. A2 Catalina Caper[2]; 9. C2 The Creeping Terror[6]; 10. A5 Bloodlust[6]; 11. C2 The Sky Divers[6]; 12. A2 Cave Dwellers[3]; 13. C2 Pod People[3]; 14. B5 Angels’ Revenge[6]; 15. A5 The Sidehackers[2]; 16. B2 The Unearthly[3]; 17. A2 The Atomic Brain[5]; 18. C2 Overdrawn at the Memory Bank[8]; 19. A2 Girl in Gold Boots[10]; 20. C2 Wizards of the Lost Kingdom 2[11]; 21. C5 Hamlet[10]; 22. B2 Time Chasers[8]; 23. B2 The Touch of Satan[9]; 24. A4 Mac and Me[12]; 25. C5 Boggy Creek II[10]; 26. C5 Gunslinger[5]; 27. A4 The Killer Shrews[4]; 28. A2 Hercules Unchained[4]; 29. B5 Hercules Against the Moon Men[4]; 30. B4 Prince of Space[8]; 31. B4 Monster A-Go-Go[4]; 32. A2 The Dead Talk Back[6]; 33. C4 Hobgoblins[9]; 34. B5 Women of the Prehistoric Planet[1]; 35. C5 Wild Rebels[2]; 36. C2 The Giant Gila Monster[4]; 37. B2 Swamp Diamonds[5]; 38. C2 At the Earth’s Core[11]; 39. A2 Ring of Terror[2]; 40. C2 The Indestructible Man[4]; 41. A2 Horrors of Spider Island[10]; 42. B2 The Rebel Set[4]; 43. A2 Secret Agent Super Dragon[5]; 44. C5 Atlantic Rim[12]; 45. C2 First Spaceship on Venus[2]; 46. A2 Laserblast[7]; 47. B2 Werewolf[9]; 48. A3 Future War[10]; 49. C2 The Mad Monster[1]; 50. A2 Manhunt in Space[4]; 51. B2 Soultaker[10]; 52. A2 The Robot Vs. the Aztec Mummy[1]; 53. B2 The Girl in Lovers’ Lane[5]; 54. A2 Zombie Nightmare[6]; 55. A3 Racket Girls[6]; 56. A5 Warrior of the Lost World[5]; 57. B5 Santa Claus[5]; 58. A2 Night of the Blood Beast[7]; 59. A3 The Time Travellers[11]; 60. C3 The Crawling Eye[1]; 61. B4 The Beatniks[4]; 62. B2 The Final Sacrifice[9]; 63. C2 Blood Waters of Dr. Z[10]; 64. C5 Crash of the Moons[4]; 65. B4 The Beast of Yucca Flats[6]; 66. B5 Jack Frost[8]; 67. A5 Robot Monster[1]; 68. B2 Bride of the Monster[4]; 69. C2 Devil Fish[9]; 70. A5 The Beast of Hollow Mountain[11]; 71. C2 Magic Voyage of Sinbad[5]; 72. A5 Gamera[3]; 73. A2 Gamera Vs. Barugon[3]; 74. C4 Gamera Vs. Gaos[3]; 75. B2 Gamera Vs. Zigra[3]; 76. C2 Time of the Apes[3]; 77. C2 Mighty Jack[3]; 78. B2 The Loves of Hercules[11]; 79. C3 The Brute Man[7]; 80. B5 The Castle of Fu Manchu[3]; 81. A2 Code Name: Diamond Head[6]; 82. B5 Last of the Wild Horses[6]; 83. C5 Samson Vs. The Vampire Women[6]; 84. B5 Robot Holocaust[1]; 85. C5 Operation Double 007[5]; 86. A5 Kitten with a Whip[6]; 87. B5 Reptilicus[11]; 88. B2 Revenge of the Creature[8]; 89. C2 The Magic Sword[4]; 90. A5 Alien from L.A.[5]; 91. A2 The Day Time Ended[12]; 92. C2 The Mole People[8]; 93. B5 The Slime People[1]; 94. A2 Rocket Attack USA[2]; 95. B5 The Deadly Mantis[8]; 96. C2 The Day the Earth Froze[4]; 97. C3 The Leech Woman[8]; 98. A2 The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t[11]; 99. A2 Gorgo[9]; 100. C5 Untamed Youth[1]; 101. B5 Hercules and the Captive Women[4]; 102. A5 The Thing That Couldn’t Die[8]; 103. A5 The Black Scorpion[1]; 104. C2 Outlaw[5]; 105. C3 Jungle Goddess[2]; 106. C5 The Painted Hills[5]; 107. A5 The Screaming Skull[9]; 108. A6 Avalanche[11]; 109. C4 Squirm[10]; 110. A4 Space Travelers[4]; 111. C2 Radar Secret Service[5]; 112. C5 Daddy-O[3]; 113. A2 Earth Vs. The Spider[3]; 114. B2 Killer Fish[12]; 115. C2 Teenage Crime Wave[5]; 116. B5 Agent for H.A.R.M.[8]; 117. A4 Viking Women Vs. The Sea Serpent[3]; 118. B5 War of the Colossal Beast[3]; 119. A5 The Undead[8]; 120. C2 Yongary[11]; 121. B5 The She Creature[8]; 122. A5 Teenage Cave Man[3]; 123. C5 Stranded in Space[3]; 124. A2 City Limits[4]; 125. B5 The Incredible Melting Man[7]; 126. C2 Riding with Death[8]; 127. B2 The Human Duplicators[4]; 128. C2 Escape 2000[7]; 129. B5 Cry Wilderness[11]; 130. C2 Invasion of the Neptune Men[8]; 131. A5 Invasion USA[6]; 132. C2 Colossus and the Headhunters[6]; 133. C5 High School Big Shot[6]; 134. B2 Track of the Moon Beast[10]; 135. C4 Girls Town[6]; 136. B5 The Amazing Transparent Man[6]; 137. B3 Diabolik[10]; 138. C2 Rocketship X-M[2]; 139. A2 Godzilla Vs. Megalon[2]; 140. B2 Godzilla Vs. The Sea Monster[2]; 141. C5 The Amazing Colossal Man[3]; 142. A3 Carnival Magic[11]; 143. A5 It Conquered the World[3]; 144. A5 Terror from the Year 5000[8]; 145. B5 I Was a Teenage Werewolf[8]; 146. B2 The Deadly Bees[9]; 147. A5 The Space Children[9]; 148. A2 Quest of the Delta Knights
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