Amazon Watch Parties On Twitch

What are some great suggestions for movies to riff with friends via Twitch that are available via Prime?


I don’t know anything about using Twitch, but my bi-weekly watch party group had a good time with “Things” (1989), which is about the lowest-budgeted amateur horror imaginable. We don’t usually specifically do “bad” movies, but that one was a hit.

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Things is barely a movie; more of a traumatic shared experience of an alcoholic fugue state. With mullets.
I won’t recommend a title, as what’s on Amazon USA is often different to what’s on the UK service I get. But if you use the JustWatch search engine, after making sure it is set up for your territory, you can find some gold. You can also register and use the app to create a watchlist.


Things is kind of like “what if Godfrey Ho directed an episode of SCTV.”

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