Amusing quote from my non-Mistie dad

Tom is juicy and fruity.


Thank you for sharing this. It truly warms my heart. I am 50 now, but when MST hit cable, I had just moved off to college. My parting from my parents was not a happy one. Despite professional help, we all were happy that I was out of the house and away. Eventually, while doing my laundry at my parents house (it was free), I heard them laughing in the back room. Shortly after, they called for me to come back and watch this show with them. My parents grew up surrounded by B-movies, Drive-In theaters, etc. Shortly after starting to watch with them, not only were we laughing, but more importantly, we were laughing together. I began coming back each weekend to watch with them, eventually getting my college friends into it as well. Not only did this show become the foundation to rebuild my fractured family, it also brought me a friendship with my parents that never left. My college friends at the time are still my best friends today. Since then, my father passed away and my mother currently has Alzheimers and is in a memory care facility. As ugly as these aspects of life are, we laughed with my father about MST until he was gone. While my mother cannot remember many things, she currently still remembers MST and even on her worst days, we end up talking about MST and laugh our butts off. This show still brings so much happiness back to my life, I can never repay them for what they have given me. I was so glad to bring back MST the first time around and cannot wait for the upcoming season. If other people do not get the same thing I did from this show, I hope they find it elsewhere. I am really looking forward to being able to watch episodes with my closest friends, all of whom now live in other states. To me, the future looks very bright, and even when it is not, Pumaman, Gamera, Cry Wilderness and Prince of Space to the rescue!!!


What a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing it.


I know I’ve seen the Return on… UHC I want to say it was?


Was it that “Jack and the Beanstalk” RT segment which had that huge dinner table? It’s probably the same kit, repurposed or with minor modifications.

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I remember my dad stopping in for a visit while I was watching “The Final Sacrifice”, and him laughing at the riffs, which was nice. Knowing your father got it, got something you loved.

The Final Sacrifice is my favorite episode! Your dad has (or had) good taste!