An integration with for "emotional spoilers"

There is an ongoing conversation around trigger/content warnings for both the episodes and the movie itself. I would like to make a proposal that attempts to minimise cost while maximising benefits. Checking an episode for content notes is unquestionably a lot of time and effort, and needs to be done at least a few times to make sure as many catches as possible are made. I’m going to make an assumption that this is untenable with the resources available to Alternaversal and the Gizmoplex, however desirable it might be.

So, I would like to suggest that the Gizmoplex integrates with the API for Does The Dog Die, which provides “crowdsourced emotional spoilers” (a wonderful term that catches everything without using precise medical language).

The api does not break down to specific episodes, but I suspect most movies are in their list. It should be simple enough to add a record to each Gizmoplex video for which DTDD movie to use. It can also be good to send msties there to provide information back to the site, which off-loads all the curation work to a service that specialises in it.

There are immediate limitations, DTDD is based only on the movie and not the specific episode (riffs, host segments, edits to the movie itself), but again, I’m proposing this as a “good enough for now” solution.

Technical documentation is available at

Also I’ll put a hat in the ring here and say that I’m happy to volunteer my own technical skills if that would help this particular feature along.

Edit to add: if you like this idea, please use the vote button


It’s very cool that you are on Github and know even better than I do how such a feature could be implemented! :smile:

Thank you for pointing out there is an API.


  • It is a community voting mechanism, which removes one person deciding for everyone how to feel.
  • The emerging patterns of votes allow those who screen movies to know what they are in for while allowing those who don’t want to be told how to feel to just ignore it and watch anyway.


  • It is doubtful that most people want to log in to that site if it is necessary to do so to vote their opinion.
  • The list of questions interface looks lengthy and like it encourages people to tick the boxes for too long a time.
  • On the original site nobody votes for a lot of old movies. It would likely catch more reactions on new premieres. Though in our case with MST3K that actually could be just fine because if it was on TV then word got around about what is in it. Such warnings are for first kid on the block types to warn the ones who wait a week and ask friends to screen films for trauma.

I am wondering if there is another API in existence already with something like the bar of reactions to Facebook posts, or if a custom script could be added by choice like when somebody made a GreaseMonkey script for the Forum Wars browser game has for counting ice cream scoops.

Then there is a place on the Gizmoplex site that hosts images for expected common reactions with tooltip alt text hovers describing them, and the image appears once when activated but the number next to it updates for the number of people who voted. A list of who voted that way is not important to me at such a huge volume of users.

I appreciate your thinking here in terms of what already exists and how it could be adapted to the MSTie experience.

It may be a script, it may be a feature and the images would have to be hosted somewhere if they are specific to MST3K but they would be tiny images and an updating number.

Also, in the interface could be reaction icons like IMDB average star rating (6 stars from 500 viewers) :star2::star2::star2::star2::star2::star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:

and forum post reaction icons like ( :heart: fave heart, :anger: :broken_heart: violent relationship content + :male_sign: :facepunch: :female_sign: or :female_sign: :facepunch: :male_sign: , :skull_and_crossbones: violent death, :eggplant: :banana: phallic symbols :tomato: :tomato:courtesy breasts :beers: :cocktail: :anger: :facepunch::boom:alcohol fueled combat :bangbang: Viewer felt trauma) , :palms_up_together: Cults (Not just Manos), :pill: drugs :dizzy:Flashing lights/sensory overload

Fun ones not about trauma might be : :earth_asia: Asian cultures (I wanted :jp: for Japan but you got me, Yongary is Korean and Beyond Atlantis is from the Philippines like Danger on Tiki Island in Cinematic Titanic) , :male_detective: Detective Drama, :peace_symbol: Hippie counterculture

Example without star rating; Beyond Atlantis
:earth_asia: Asian cultures 100
:anger: :broken_heart: violent relationship content 600 :male_sign: :facepunch: :female_sign: 80 :female_sign: :facepunch: :male_sign: 15
:skull_and_crossbones: violent death 50
:tomato: :tomato:courtesy breasts/female symbolism 300
:bangbang: Viewer felt trauma 5

I don’t have an icon for gaslighting severity, like a meter or ten pts or the number of times we hear it.

The Good Thing and Bad Thing about the movie would be a top positive review and top negative review Community Reviews page a la Amazon reviews.

I’m envisioning reviews are comments that could be voted up or down like comments on Quora or Reddit.

Maybe this section is a separate page or a collapsible section on the interface, so people who want to watch without other people’s opinions can just ignore the community feature.

The existing interface seems to be a storefront, and episodes have an icon telling what season and host. There has been some talk of community features and interactivity and a reviews system at interface level beyond this forum seems important to me. The effect is that some episodes sell more or less maybe and we are voting with money for popular creative choices or stronger writing and acting.

Additionally I would like to see community patterns emerge where we are signalling each other about content preferences and content advisory. Because a few people with greater pain appreciate the signs and sensitive people still really need this show sometimes. Everyone’s individual sensitivites differ, but patterns emerge.

Also on the community page or collapsible section could be reaction icons like we’re discussing here:

Or, a fan poll like somebody suggested for this forum, a la slash dot: