And there's a creepy doll.... (Post photos of unintentionally disturbing toys)

As inspired by the Jonathan Coulton song, and this thread, Some of you may have seen my photos of Louis Charles (formerly “Creepy Pierre”), the real life creepy doll I bought for my wife for her 40th birthday. He is still, by far, the creepiest doll in her collection, but I thought I’d show off a few others choice selections and encourage others to do the same.

All toys/dolls/puppets/stuffed animals are welcome, but unintentionally creepy toys are best.

There are plenty of deliberately creepy dolls you can buy on eBay and Etsy, but where’s the fun in that?

Now, on with the doll/horror show…

Louis Charles (née “Creepy Pierre”) dates back to some point in the 1800’s, is filled with straw, and was made with actual 200+ year old human hair. Human hair that could have conceivably belonged to some unfortunate Dauphin sent to the guillotine, cruelly blinded by his inquisitors, now seeking revenge against their descendants for the downfall of the French aristocracy.

He did, in fact, come with eyes, though they came in their own separate bag. As previously noted, I’ve seen enough horror movies to know that putting the eyes back in the doll’s head is a bad idea and almost certainly what will bring it back to life and send it on a murderous rampage.


Sadly, it won’t be alone on it’s blood-soaked crime spree, because we’ll also have this hideous abomination to contend with…

Because clowns aren’t terrifying enough on their own, creating one with light bulbs for eyes just seems unnecessarily sadistic. While the eyes no longer light up, the doll was definitely built to do so. I don’t know if the bare light bulbs were how it originally came, if they were replacements for something smaller (but no less creepy) or if there was some sort of bulbous glass or plastic shell that was supposed to fit over the top of them (still not helping.) No matter how this doll may have looked in it’s original form… it was undoubtedly 100% creepy, even when it was brand new.

And speaking of clowns… This weird creature with the orangutan arms is a “celluloid tumbler” and it appears to have been shot twice in the chest. Not that a bullet can slow it’s insatiable lust for tumbling, and the jingle-jangle of the bells on it’s kneecaps will be the last sound you ever hear…

Unless Walking Wanda gets you first.
She’s supposed to have a dress, but has since embraced her cold metallic automata existence.

There’s also this cruelly labeled little fellow…

Note that it says doll parts. Even though it is clearly a complete doll. He obviously knows he is destined for dismemberment, and any tears he sheds are fully justified.

But if any doll was going to produce tears, imagine waking up on Christmas morning to find this three-headed mutant lurking under the Christmas tree…

Then there’s Neckbrace and Chesty… who appear to have spent a little too much time hanging out next to the nuclear reactor.

This souvenir from Hal Cruises (who I can only hope are now out of business)

And the creepy doll that started it all… Creepy Paul, who we found in a thrift store. I’m assuming after whatever voodoo priest created him was finished extracting terrible revenge against Paul McGann.





The obvious answer:

They’re actually not that expensive. I keep thinking of buying one.


I’ve shared this doll elsewhere here, but here’s Peteena Poodle. Though mileage may vary.


I like the doll. It’s the name which makes me think of pet food that you prep in a to-go cup, like instant oatmeal.

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I remember Neckbrace and Chesty in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

As a kid, kewpie dolls would go straight to the trash.

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A few others in the non-doll department… This coin-eating face bank.

And this jack-in-the-box, where the clowns painted on the outside of the box are somehow even more disturbing than the creature living inside it.

Plus this one from Mattel that my sister used to own back in the 80’s (when they really should have known better.)

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Like I said, mileage may vary.

Yep. I had the Mattel one. It didn’t scare me though, I loved it.

I mean… Robert.

(No, I am not the one who took the picture; I found it online).

I don’t personally believe in the paranormal myself, so I find the notion of “cursed” or “haunted” dolls to be more amusing than scary, but Robert is definitely creepy looking with all the holes in his face.

And then there’s the dolls on “Doll Island”, mostly because they’re exposed to the elements and are slowly rotting away. There’s too many pictures to post, but if you’re curious there’s a slideshow of many of the dolls here: Creepy Doll Island May Be Possessed, But Tourists Still Come Photos - ABC News

As the story goes, the man who used to live on this island allegedly found a doll washed up in one of the canals and he believed it belonged to a young girl who had drowned nearby (he had discovered her body as well), so to appease her spirit he started collecting and displaying dolls all over his island. He’s since passed away (ironically also by drowning), but the dolls remain.

Lily, a doll made with real human hair. She kind of looks like Samara from the Ring, so she belongs in this post.

There are any number of other allegedly cursed or creepy dolls out there, but I think that’s a surfeit for one post.

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Automatons without their clothes on are pretty creepy.

Didn’t we already have a thread about this? I can’t remember the title so I can’t look it up! :frowning_face:

Aaaaanyway, what you all call “creepy” I just call More fodder for my dream job. See?

ATC 7-15-07 john2ex

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Hee hee!! (Noooo bodies!!)