Animal Crossing Direct!

Anybody who owns Animal Crossing: New Horizons, like me, saw the new Animal Crossing direct yet after it was teased back on Sept. 23? Well if you guys didn’t see it, here’s what you missed out on!

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I’m so glad for the pillars that support the ceiling. Mine kept falling down and ruining my decor.


Oh, and also…

  • No longer will we use ladders as tools so that we can place them on cliffs instead.
  • No longer will we go back to our house too many times to put our items in the storage unit.
  • No longer will we go back and forth to the Resident Services to deposit/withdraw bells to our ABD, when we can just place the ABD machine outside.

And lastly…

  • No longer will we wait for special NPCs to come to our island for who knows when!
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Those pillars were such a strange addition! Most everything else was awesome though. Though I doubt I will be doing stretches with my villagers any time soon.


I am soooooo hyped about this update. Been an AC fan since the GC version, and been playing ACNH since release day. This update is so much more than I hoped for. They even brought back froggy chair. :sob:


They showed some examples of putting pillars at the end of partitions and it looked super good. I could also see pillars giving basements a more basement feel, if you’re going for that vibe.

Guys, AC:NH’s 2.0.0 update dropped way earlier than I expected. I’M GONNA UPDATE THE GAME RIGHT NOW!!!


No way!!! Holy cow! Thank you! This made my day!!! :slight_smile: