Animal Crossing SoL

Hey MSTies! I made the Satellite of Love and Dr Forrester’s lab in Animal Crossing! I went with Emily in celebration of her birthday. I did the best I could to make Crow and Servo.


Nice not played the game but I might borrow my kids one.

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Since I’m an AC player myself, I LOVE this!


It’s a lot of fun!

I know a lot of people play it but as of yet I have not tried.

Yeah, it did me a world of good when lockdown hit. You’ll not be able to start your own island on your kid’s Switch though. It’s an annoying thing, but there’s only one island per Switch.

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Well that’s a problem but I know she’ll let me play on her island.

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Must be a sweet kid :wink:

You have no idea! Always on hand for a cuddle or to help out in whatever way she can, she’s amazing.

What’s she think of MST3K?

She’s getting into it, she likes anything that makes me laugh. She’s into anime, sci-fi and she’s getting a day off school so we can go see spider-man on Friday.

Oh that’s sweet. Hope she loves it!

I think it’s a loooong film so we have headphones just in case it’s over long. I’ve learnt that when we build Lego together or watch films we do it in small bursts. She’s got the mandolorian advent calendar and I don’t know which one of us looks forward to it more.

Very ingenious creation of Crow, I love it!!

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Nice! I don’t play Animal Crossing, but that’s pretty neat stuff!

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I’m scared to go back to my island now. It’s been so long my neighbors probably have turned on me.

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They’ve all gone feral!

Not as impressive as yours, but I did a MST3K scene in Pocket Camp to celebrate Turkey Day.


I love that!

These are so cute