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So who else watches anime? I watched religiously in the 90s and early 2000s, took a BIG break with some exceptions and then in about 2017 watched weekly stuff with a friend who had gotten back into it. We’ve been watching the new series as they come out on Crunchyroll (and other services but now that Funimation is dead, it’s mostly Crunchyroll).

Who has any favourites, wants recommendations for getting into it (or BACK into it), or things to get off of their chests.

I will say one thing: if you haven’t, you all need to watch Oddtaxi. As show that begins as a short of “chill noir”, casually introducing us to a cast of anthropomorhpic animals from different walks of life whose situations slowly intertwine around a curmudgeonly taxi driver with a gift for gab, an uncanny ability to recognize people and something secret in his closet. It starts off in a relaxed paced but by the end, the tension is so strong. It’s also ultimately a hopeful humanist story, though it’s one that comes with one big gutpunch.


I still watch anime but usually only classic stuff from the 80s and 90s


Oh, big anime fan here. Currently keeping up with SpyxFamily weekly, before this was Ranking of Kings and then I don’t remember things in chronological order.

Doro Hedoro I HIGHLY recommend IFF you like extremely violent anime with cool lore.


I watch anime!.. only when I want to. I usually watch anime with scenes that have DELOCIOUS LOOKING FOOD.

That’s right. You’re talking to a girl who’s a food lover.


Dorohedoro actually reminds me of Venture Brothers. We spent a lot of time woth the villains and though they aren’t good people, we are invested in them ( then they remind why they are bad guys).

I do have anime I like, though my tastes are wildly inconsistent. Some favorites:

  • Vampire Hunter D
  • Dragon Half
  • Devilman / Devil Lady
  • Yuru Yuri
  • Ninja Scroll
  • X: 1999
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Cutey Honey
  • Ninja Nonsense

All over the place…


I’ve watched some here and there. I’m a fan of Satoshi Kon’s work.

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I too watch anime time to time. Had a hankering for some mecha action I’m currently watching Gundam Seed. It’s funny how much Robert A. Heinlein is in that show even tho in tone it really doesn’t lionize military or military service in any way. But once you notice that the main conflict is between regular people and society of “competent men” it’s really hard to ignore.

I’ve dabbled. My best friend loves Sailor Moon, and I liked it well enough through the first 4 seasons, then had to bail because it became the Chibi-Usa show. :neutral_face: We did start Sailor Moon Crystal recently - I met Amanda Miller before the pandemic because Sailor Jupiter is my fave - and it’s pretty good. I’ve also seen and liked Ouran High School Host Club, and I have a friend who is nuts about Yuri On Ice!

So consider me on the fringes, but open minded!


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It’s not a bad take on using the framework of the OG Gundam series with a heavy dose of Gundam Wing. But Gundam Seed Destiny fell apart behind the scenes and it is sadly noticeable in the end result.

Looking forward to the new Gundam Projects coming soon, seeing the only thing i’m currently watching is Kyoukai Senki


I was never really into anime, but I started watching my daughter’s favorite show, Attack on Titan, to bond with her. We watch an episode every Sunday, me in Texas and her in Virginia, and I text her about it. I’m sure when we run out of AoT she’ll have another show she will want to show me. I’ve learned to appreciate the art form and I’m getting used to some of its conventions… it took me a while to realize that they are no stranger than American cartoon conventions. I can’t see me going off watching anime on my own, but I won’t say never.


I love anime so much I actually got a degree in it.

That’s not a joke. My degree focused on pop culture as expressed via animation in America Vs. Japan.

So, yeah. I’ve seen a LOT of anime.

I don’t actually like to talk about my very favorite though, which seems weird, but that’s how I am. So I’m just going to say it once.

The Slayers (Not Demon Slayer).

A fantasy drama comedy that is incredibly trope savvy, brilliantly written, contains some of the best characters ever created, is a masterwork of voice acting, and still holds up to today’s standards.

Truly a masterpiece.

If you like comedy (and if you don’t, what are you doing here?) you should see it.


Few good ones I’ve seen over the years, Ghost in the Shell ( especially the Stand Alone Complex series ) , Assassination classroom, Death Note, The Big O and Darker than black.

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I keep a folder of anime/disney and other stuff mostly openings, some closings/extras. whenever I just need something playing in the background (can’t use MST, as I’ll just watch) while working I just hit play and let them run in the background.

“Slayers” is such an entertaining series. It should definitely get more love. To this day, I find myself quoting Xellos’ catch phrase: “Sore wa himitsu desu!” (“That’s a secret!”)


Slayers is so good


I’ve definitely watched my fair share of anime over the years. I just finished rewatching “Gokusen,” and it’s still just as good as the first time I watched it.

Some other favorites:

  • “Revolutionary Girl Utena”
  • the original “Fruits Basket” (I haven’t seen the remake, so I don’t know how they compare.)
  • “Prince of Tennis”
  • “xxxHOLiC”
  • “Princess Jellyfish”

For newer series, I’ve enjoyed “Kotaro Lives Alone”, “The Way of the House Husband”, “Life Lessons with Uramichi Onii-San”, “Violet Evergarden,” and “A Silent Voice.”

I’ll probably remember more as the rest of you share what you’ve been watching :slight_smile:

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If you haven’t seen them already, you might like “Midnight Diner” or “Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman.” Both are live action (“Midnight Diner” is based on a manga), but each episode revolves around a different type of Japanese food. The only downside is that they’re hard to watch on an empty stomach :drooling_face:

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I say the original ages ago but the new one is mostly good, even if there’s an aspect or two that didn’t age super well and definitely some questionable age differences in some of the couples. The new one is a much more thorough retelling and I like it. It still has its flaws but it’s clear that the “characters turn into animals” thing seems to be there to get editors excited about some Ranma-type shenanigans and use that opportunity to tell sadder, more emotional stories. Some redemptions might be a little too easy considering some characters sins but… anyway, the last season feels like it’s 50% epilogues. Just… all the epilogues. Not inherently bad but… so much. Return of the Kings piles of them.

This is one I saw the first episode of, loved, then forgot about. Me and a friend might watch someday…

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Someone mentioned Slayers. Guess I gotta pop in for a moment. Great sense of humour and pathos throughout, equal parts goofy metacommentary on Fantasy genre tropes and parts genuine dramedy, the original Japanese VA cast gives it 110% throughout.
The entire franchise is fascinating. While most of it never got released in English due to licensing issues (a reason MSTies are also familiar with), there’s astoundingly fun parts to find and absorb throughout. On top of the TV series and Prequel/One-off movies, there’s the original novels and spin-off novel series, dozens of albums featuring delightful soundtrack pieces and in-character songs (pretty much every single VA could sing!) and CD plays, and tie-in audio plays for the show/films (some featuring exstensive fourth wall breaking), and games, and reference books, etc. Each one taking a slightly different path with the basic story. One of my favourite franchises overall.

Some other animes that continue to be entertaining to me, apart from Slayers:
Re: Cutie Honey, Dirty Pair (the 1985 series), Asobi Asobase, Arakawa Under The Bridge. There’s a bunch more, but I leave it there to keep this message short.