Annotated MST: Suggestions, Edits, Corrections?

Hi, editor-in-chief of The Annotated MST here. If you’re not familiar with our site, we’re at (and our Twitter feed, @annotatedmst). We’ve been around for years, working on annotating episodes of MST3K. We have about 130 of them done now, with more on the way.

We’re always interested in making the site better, so if anyone here spots anything we’ve missed, gotten wrong, or could just do better, please include it here, along with an explanation. We’ll check in regularly. If we make the correction, we’ll credit you on the site.



From the “1301 Your Thoughts” thread:

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While that’s probably true, we haven’t done 1301 yet. I’d prefer to stick to eps that are already on the site, so I’m not trying to keep track of riffs for a ton of episodes we’ll be annotating later.