Any authors/aspiring authors?

I’m currently writing a novel that I hope to turn into a series, myself. I’m curious to know if anyone else is of that sort of creative bent here? Doesn’t matter what medium; comics, poetry, nonfiction, fiction; if you’re writing something, I wanna know about it!


I’ve been working on a series of stories that take place in the Stargate Atlantis universe for the past few years. Could-have-been-an-episode adventure stories. Not sure if anyone is still publishing actual novels for the show these days. (and the ones I read were rather hit and miss.)


I dunno if you would count this, as writing per say but I write silly RPG adventures where I mash up two things in order to see what comes out. I’ve done stuff like…

Sesame Street Fighter (Sesame Street X Street Fighter)

Sailor Goon (Sailor Moon X Eric Powell’s The Goon)

Dungeons, dungeons, and more dungeons (Gravity Falls X The 70’s D and D cartoon)

My Little Paranoia (Paranoia X My Little Pony)

In fact, my very first game was a mash up of MST3K and Akira entitled “Hi-Keeba.”


Anything counts as long as it involves writing, I say! :grin:


@Brina Fair point! My current project is a sequel to Sailor Goon, entitled Star Vs. The Army of Darkness. (Star Vs. The Forces of Evil X Ash Vs. Evil Dead)


Oh, a little screenwriting here and there but you haven’t seen it. Perhaps no one ever will!


Back in the early 2000s I wrote a cheezy vampire/werewolf “romance” comedy urban fantasy thing that I actually managed to sell. It’s out of publication now. I also used to write a TON of fanfic. I still kind of identify as a writer though, because I don’t know… maybe one day I’ll try again.


I’ve got some RPG stuff published, including a guidebook to the unliving and an adventure. More titles in the pipleine with that company. Also have a bestiary I’m working on with the estate of rather major science fiction author. My own fiction writing is still unsubmitted because (1) I suck at reaching out to publishers and (2) I always find places to rewrite in the stories.


One time my husband drew an odd picture of what looked like a teddy bear, but with huge metalic jack-o-lantern teeth, and flies buzzing all around it. He said he wanted to make up a story to go with the picture, so I wrote a short story about a little girl’s first night in an orphanage, crying on her little cot during an electrical storm, and how those tears, the dust bunnies under the bed, and the lightning combined to create her new horrifying best friend and protector, Dusty, the Demonic Teddy Bear.


I wrote a sci-fi novel called The Place Beyond which was published a couple years ago. It didn’t sell much, but the people that read it gave good reviews. It also had the bad luck of having some similar plot points to Into the Spider-Verse, so now it looks like I was ripping that movie off, even though I actually beat it to release by a few weeks.


I’m an aspiring writer, done a few projects for NaNoWriMo, and am sad that I kinda fell off the train and just haven’t reclaimed the motivation yet.


Been a full time writer for about a decade. Wrote a hundred or so Ghostbusters comics (plus Tobin’s Spirit Guide and a mobile video game.) TMNT, Back to the Future, Spider-Man, New Warriors, Red Sonja, Transformers, Godzilla, and some others.

I’ve dabbled in prose and screenwriting, but haven’t had the same successes in those fields yet. (I should buckle down and push a little harder on finishing a couple screenplays and a novel…)

I also do a 2x a week comic strip on my Patreon. I post them publicly after a few weeks (but I’ve fallen behind on the public postings for a few months… my bad, I been busy!) (:sweat_smile:

FWIW: the public comics are available at and on Twitter

I guess tonight I update!!


I do freelance writing. I have written an 8-issue comic series that’s in need of an artist, and I developed a design doc for a VR game that’s in need of a developer, but I have also written scripts for several published video games:

  • Pig Eat Ball (Steam, Switch, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Serious Sam DDXXL (Steam, Xbox 360)
  • Explosionade / DX (Steam, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360)
  • Weapon of Choice / DX (Steam, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

I also operate and write for two gaming websites: 8 Bit Horse and 2D RADAR


Well, I guess you could count my doctoral dissertation (Comparative Literature) as a book, except I didn’t finish it.

I don’t have much interest in writing long-form fiction, but I occasionally still emit some things one might call prose poems, or perhaps microfiction.

Somewhat after the models of Thomas Bernhard’s Ereignisse, some fragments from Musil, and Mallarmé’s prose poems. No, I’m not comparing myself to any of those authors, but just some examples off the top of my head.

But, no, I don’t put any effort to it these days at all.

Used to consider myself a fairly prolific and competent poet, did readings at coffee shops and that kind of thing, but I have zero interest these days in submitting to small press publications.


If you can call this writing:

I’m great at starting projects and then not finishing them, so I’ve got several comic book/television script projects, a few short works of fiction, some supplementary role-playing game materials for a RPG called Bureau 13, and an aborted RPG of my own that I got about 1/3 to 2/3 of the way through before running out of steam or hitting some frustrating stumbling block that I just couldn’t quite make it over the top of. (I’ve got one Doctor Who script in particular that I’ve been working on for over 20 years and it’s now been revised for at least 4 different Doctors)

I find I generally work better with short little projects that I can pick up and put down again (like webcomics and riffing on cheesy movies) when the urge strikes me. But considering that my main hobby these days is modeling and 3D printing action figures for obscure Doctor Who monsters from the 60’s and 70’s, I don’t sit down and write nearly as much as I used to back in my 20’s.


I wrote a fantasy novel in my teens/early twenties, but I couldn’t get it published.


Almost forgot, I researched/wrote a few episodes for a YouTuber called Obsolete Oddities. He made them into videos. They were about killers/mysterious type things.


I have about 75000 words down for a collection of stories set in the same universe – I find it easier to write connected shorts and novellæ than one long narrative. I had a story nearly get accepted to one of the editions of ‘Unidentified Funny Objects’ (the editor liked the style but didn’t think the story itself was a good fit so he asked me to submit something else–that even I didn’t think was as good). Leaning towards the self-pub route for my main writing project.

About 30 years ago we had an APA that got killed by a good review in Comic Buyer’s Guide #1000 – all of a sudden we started getting requests for non-contributor subscriptions, half our people didn’t want to ‘go pro’, and we kind of limped to a close after 4 years and 25 issues.

Even so, hope springs eternal. :slight_smile:


This thread shamed me into scheduling ALL the comic strips I put off… howah.

As of now, they’re gonna be on time, Tuesdays and Thursdays, through November. (Yikes, did I put that off.)

So thanks, thread! :sweat_smile:


Oh jeez, I was playing Bureau 13 when it was still Stalking the Night Fantastic (and have my original spiral bound copy floating around somewhere, signed by Rich).

I don’t have any writing credits, but I have a few playtesting credits for Stellar Games, mainly a few modules for It Came from the Late Late Late Show (predictably enough) and A.C.E. Agents.