Any chance backers could get to stream Classic MST3K early?

Totally selfish request! I don’t want to be that entitled fan, and I don’t know the logistics or whether it’s even feasible, or what, but nothing ventured nothing gained.

Since we’re not getting any MST3K goodness for a month, it would sure be cool if backers got to start streaming the classic seasons before the Gizmoplex officially launches. To pass the time, you know. I’d even be cool if ads were turned on. You could start generating some revenue now!


You could buy an episode or two on the Gizmoplex website and get started early if you’re that keen


There’s also the selection of free episodes streaming every month.


You’re all right, of course. There’s an embarrassment of riches in the Gizmoplex. I’m just throwing it out there on the off chance that someone with the ability to do so sees it and says, “Great idea” and hits a button and then I can finally get around to the Season 1 marathon I’ve always meant to get around to.