Any fans of "Psychos in Love?"

When I was in school and video rentals were a thing, we found the worst horror movie I’ve ever seen. It’s a horror/comedy/musical called Psychos In Love, written by, scored by, and starring a guy named Carmine.

It’s about two serial killers who meet and, etc. Notable moments are things like the Casio keyboard soundtrack actually being played in scene, bloopers just left in the movie, and the fun musical number.

There’s some fake blood, gore, and body parts but it’d be tough to find a modern viewer above the age of about ten who’d find it scary. It’s Real Bad. :slight_smile:

Has anyone else ever seen it? Sometimes I feel like I woke up on the wrong parallel Earth where it wasn’t a thing, but it has an IMDB page.

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I’ve looked up some clips of it. Looks a bit like Natural Born Killers, but terrible in a different way. :stuck_out_tongue:
Weird and wacky. Perfect for a bad movie night.


My BFF and I would rent terrible movies from Blockbuster in high school, and we rented Psychos in Love multiple times. Quality entertainment. Though, I can’t remember if they liked or hated grapes. Grapes in bunches. Grapes in twos and threes.

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