Any geocachers on the forums?

Geocaching has been described as a hobby using billion dollar satellite networks to find dollar store items in the woods.

I have been geocaching since 2007 and was wondering if anyone else here is a geocaching fan(atic). Where has geocaching taken you?

I’d like to see pics or GC codes of people’s favourite caches.


i’ve done a bit in my past, but not for the last 10 years. I got into disc golf and that’s kinda taken over.

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Never did geocaching but for a while back when I got my first hand held GPS around 2002 (yellow eTrex) I got into looking for geodedic survey markers, a lot of them have been destroyed over time but I did find maybe a half dozen of them.

Picture of one along a train track in NJ:

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Back when there weren’t too many geocaches, the geocaching folks decided to add survey markers as a ‘cache’-like goal that counted towards your stats. I’ve only found one – on Mount Baldy in Alaska.