Any MST3k digital art assets available?

Hi Everyone! It’s my first thread here, please be kind. :smiley:

I enjoy having some good movie posters for the episodes i have on Plex, and really like the digital art that the VHX site had for each episode. However, I have a lot of DVDs in my collection, some with episodes no longer available on VHX that I’d like to make additional tv-episode style posters for. While I was able to get some good copies of HD versions of the current episodes and even piece together a full background for Joel, Mike and Jonah out of the other episodes, I’m wondering if the powers that be might be willing to release the components (or a full template) for the posters? Perhaps the silhouette strip, the faded blue moon, and the fonts used for the “experiment” tag for each episode? We’re gonna need a new one for Emily as well… and maybe one for the “Oops All Hosts” episode? :laughing: