Any [r]atm[m] veterans out there?

I first hooked up with online MSTies in 1993 via dialup to a local BBS wherein I got my first email address, and my first access to Usenet – they only carried a small handful of newsgroups, of which was one. The BBS had a limit of 60 messages a day per newsgroup… and for a while, that was actually enough to keep up. Then came the promotion to a Big 7 group,, which was eventually split into (for official announcements) (for anything and everything else).

Oh hey, and here’s an archive of the RATMM FAQ… nostalgia ahoy!


I love the old school internet feel of this forum. Some of us have been MSTies since nearly the beginning.


I just realized I’ve been on the Internet nearly 30 years… yikes.

Well, I mean, not constantly (although it seems like it sometimes) :wink:


You know, I’m fairly certain that the RATMM was the very first FAQ I ever read.
I specifically remember reading it on my trusty 486DX around '94 or '95…

I was never very vocal on Usenet – too shy – but I did lurk like crazy!


Yeah, I’m here. I used to run an NCAA Men’s Basketball bracket group with folks from work and RATMM.

COVID kinda put the kibosh on that, though.



I was there. Not quite at the beginning. But close enough and in the grand scale of things I might as well have been. Funny how time works.

Bart Fargo – MSTie#79650 – Who Says: “You merely adopted the newsgroups, I was born in them… etc. etc.”


Just plain shout-out for that! Yeah, I dialed-in to my middle/high-schools VAX/VMS system in the early 1990s, but I wasn’t cool enough to know about MST3K at the time. Mostly trading “illciit” materials that is tame by today’s standards.

I did almost get expelled for reading girls’ e-mails with a rudimentary trojan horse, using the VAX/VMS scripting language,though. And, yes, they were indeed “girls,” as in about my age.

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Not exactly a “veteran” because I wasn’t known to post there or anything, but yeah, it was one of the newsgroups I visited in the 90s. (Ahh, the days when ISPs offered nntp servers as a matter of course…)

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Yup. My newsfeed was soooo sloooow.

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I was very active in r.a.t.m.m back in the day.

I actually still have a shell account (I know, the sign of a true geezer) and r.a.t.m.m is in my newsgroups list, but it rarely has any posts nowadays.

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