Anyone Else Think the Set From “Lords of the Deep” Looked Familar?

I recently bought the season 12 set at the Gizmoplex and while rewatching Lords of the Deep I kept thinking how much the sets looked familiar. No not exact locations but the walls and hatches kept making me think they weren’t deep under water but instead on “our last hope for peace”. Anyone else out there who kept expecting a Membari or Kosh to show up? #b5isalive Other thoughts welcome.

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HUGE, DIE HARD B5 fan here! I had a “familiar” feeling now that you mention it, but never did have that realization. I’m currently re-watching the Netflix eps (have been for 5 years straight), and when I get to LotD again, I’ll watch with different eyes. I may even skip to it after Yongary is done. Kosh! “And so it begins…”