Anyone for an informal Watchalong this Friday?

Mayhap you should have included Bloodlust in the poll. Thus keeping the original offering as part of the selections.

I mean, who doesn’t love watching lame-ass teenagers standing around and doing nothing while being threatened by The Most Dangerous Game? :smirk:

Well, it’s too late! :laughing:

I was tossing out a Corman audible…but I’m cool with whatevs! :sunglasses:

We currently have a tie for the top of the podium!


I can’t edit to add Bloodlust to the poll, but please be sure…BLOODLUST is not dead! Even if we do a Corman movie this Friday…I will bring Bloodlust back up again in late May or early June. DO NOT DESPAIR! I will bring this one back again!

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I dont have a sub to the Gizmoplex. I basically watch from LeTuble or the actual channel I guess, or the app where you have to rent or buy.

But don’t let that interfere with your pick.

The Gizmoplex is free. Make an account, watch all you like. All available episodes in seasons 1-10 are included.


Right I guess I do have that then. I just cant get 11, 12 or 13. Thats either on Netflix 11 & the Gauntlet right? Then 13 I can get couple different places…

13 is DEFINITELY all on Gizmoplex!!

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Tied between High School Big Shot and Teenaged Cavemen Who will break the tie?? :open_mouth:

Seems like we did HSBS, so I’ll weigh in.

Of course, I could be wrong. I almost always am.


Hmmm… maybe. I tried to search for any that were done “recently” … but I have been wrong before!

Dramatic Chipmunk GIF


Omg look at that face lol. Im sorry. I have to steal that one love it!



I rise in support of It Conquered the World, the space pickle is nearly as iconic as Ro-Man or the Metaluna Mutant.


I will leave the poll open until 1600 CDT tomorrow. Is that enough notice?


I usually arrive about 5 minutes ahead of time so as long as I know the movie by 4:55 PT I’m good.


I gotchoo! :purple_heart:


My vote is for Teenage Caveman…way funnier than High School Big Shot…which is kinda a depressing movie.

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I have to agree with you there. Even tho Teenage Caveman isnt exactly uplifting

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