Anyone going to the Philadelphia Live Show?

Just curious if anyone on the boards here is going to the live show in Philadelphia on Wednesday? :slight_smile:

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I went a few weeks ago and it was a great show! Very funny. Does anybody know if they’re coming out with the live show on DVD or some other media?


I’m curious about a great many things. Not just that.

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Hi Grove! Welcome to the party. :slight_smile:

They have not announced any plans to release the show in DVD. Historically the live shows unfortunately are not recorded due to rights issues. :frowning:


I was told “You almost got tickets for you and <<our 10 year old daughter>> (as a Christmas present), but it’s on a Wednesday night, and I didn’t think you needed that stress.”


I think I could have used that stress.


I’ll be there. Second row! The ticket says they’re loose seats, but I hope they stay together through the performance.


So that is “the Christmas that actually wasn’t” :frowning:


Awesome Joe - I’ll share some laughter with you. I’m bringing duct tape for the seats… Just in case. :wink:


Correctamondo. One day Ivan and Company need to restate this. Too many people missed the prior comments on the rights of live performances versus filmed. It’s why we haven’t seen any videos of the stage shows thus far.

It’s interesting that in another thread, Matt commented that the only reason they could release a script book for the Eegah live show was because the movie was in the public domain…

…which means that the Eegah live show could have been recorded and released. Presumably.

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Perhaps but if so wouldn’t they have released it by now given Eegah’s (1962) popularity with MSTies? My guess is there were other complications. The script could be published owing to Public Domain though videotaping the performance fell victim to other factors.

I think it costs money to do a professional production and since this was the first tour they were doing, I doubt they wanted to put the word out there that you didn’t have to see the tour live to see it, that if you just waited you could see it at home. That may have depressed ticket sales and led to the first tour being a one and done. Fortunately the Live business has been so successful that they keep doing it so maybe a happy medium could be found.

If they didn’t shoot them before, it would be great to just film them all over the course of a couple weekends somewhere if they ever got the rights for the others. MSTies could make a pilgrimage of it to see the live experiments performed one last time for posterity

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@JoeC Those things may be true JoeC. It would stand to reason at one time or another (there were plenty of chances) a show or two were filmed simply for internal consumption to improve aspects of the show while they were touring. Joel strikes me as a detail-oriented man sufficiently to have done so and kept it quiet. Who’s to say. We’ll never know. No different than theatrical distribution followed by home video, the time of the touring no reference to any filming made sense for the reasons you stated. This didn’t stop Kickstarter Backers from asking Joel about tapings months after the fact or Joel somewhat acknowledging it and saying it was complicated. This suggests such videos may exist though for rights and permissions reasons may never see the light of day.