Anyone have the issue of WIZARD with photos of earlier comic book attempt?

I remember in the 1990s (maybe early 2000s) there was an attempt to do a MST3K comic book that got as far as being promoted in WIZARD magazine. I seem to recall Kirby artwork being used in the article.

Anyone else remember this? Perhaps the issue number of WIZARD that it appeared?

I also seem to recall that the concept got pulled at the time due to copyright issue.

I’ve been digging around a bit on the internet and haven’t found anything. I do have a box full of WIZARD magazines, but rather not have to dig through a comic book box of magazines if someone happens to remember the details off-hand.


Found this from the old MST3K FAQ from 2008, and another article just mentioned that this was to have happened in 1998, so I think I know where to start looking now (now I have to see if I still have the issue).

Of course, if anyone else has something, free feel to mention it here!

Q: I also remember some talk about an MST3K comic book. What’s the deal
on that?
A: There was some discussion of an MST3K “graphic novel” from Acclaim
that would have Mike and the bots riffing on old Gold Key and Dell
comics. It should be noted, however, that it always looked unlikely that
MST3K’s writers would actually take part in writing the comic book.
Unfortunately, in a repeat of the Voyager situation, Acclaim announced a
cutback in its comics production, and one of the casualties is the MST3K
comic. At one point, Acclaim officials said they were considering
putting the comic on Acclaim’s website, but it never happened.


The comic discussion made me think that a fun series of events would be continuing the audio version of the MST3K comic that began on (I think) the Totinos Twitch channel.


All Totino’s commercials all the time?



Hmm, nope I don’t recall that, and I can’t check because I gave away all my Wizards.

But seeing that name brought back memories. I used to buy that and Hero Illustrated regularly (the only issue I still have of those, is a copy of Hero Illustrated that had my art in it)

Now I wish I’d held onto them, though yeah, thumbing through issues to find that needle in a haystack could be a pain.


The earliest news I could find was July 18, 1997:

We’ve been getting reports from comic book fans for several weeks now
about a supposed MST Comic Book in the works. Sci Fi Channel now confirms
that this is so, but we are told that no final deal has been struck, and
we don’t have any details about its content or writers yet. It’s basically
a Sci-Fi deal, and MST3K staffers themselves won’t be directly involved
other than to approve it. The comic book, if it goes through, would be
sold in the Sci Fi merchandise catalog, but they don’t know if they’ll
offer it through the fan club as well.

That’s all the info we have right now. When we know more, we’ll pass it

I found this, dated March 12, 1998:

The first of the much-discussed MST3K comic books (in which Mike and the
bots will riff on bad comic books from the past) are due from Acclaim Comics in
July. For comic book afficionados, Kevin said that among the comics being
chosen for riffing are the old Gold Key comics.

By the end of the month, March 31, 1998 the comic was dead.

“One casualty of the changes will be the previously announced “Mystery
Science Theater 3000” trade paperback that was to give the “MST3000” treatment
to old Gold Key comics. Nicieza said that some of that material will be made
available on the World Wide Web but will not appear in comics format until it
has had a chance to build an audience via the Internet.”

As for the Wizard article, found one Usenet post that suggested it may have been reported as early as 1996. From a July 12, 1997 post:

Scarily enough, I remember reading a Wizard last summer that said it was in the works.


There is a chance I could have that issue if it exists somewhere in the piles of Wizards/Toyfares/EGM/Dreamcast magazines in the pile of boxes clogging the laundry room. But no way am I about to start slogging thru those as it would likely trigger a full on reorg of the entire basement…

I would think that if MST3K had been reported on I would remember it as that was around the time I started getting tapes, but for the life of me, I just don’t remember it.


I’ve got a large pile of Wizard as well. I’ll look through and see if I have any from that time frame.

Heck with the issue of Wizard, someone has archived All of it?? If that’s true, I wasn’t part of the MST boards, but I was around for several other shows. Wow.

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Deja News archived a whole lot of early Usenet, going back to the early 80s. Google bought it in 2001 and incorporated it into Google Groups. The posts still exist there if you can figure out how to search for them.

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I found mentions of Trace Beaulieu’s 1st comic series on*, but very little on the planned MST3000 comic: the canceled notice (quoted above in the FAQ excerpt), and someone saying they remember reading about it in Wizard “last summer” (1996). Only one of the Summer 1996 issues of Wizard (May #57 - September #61) is searchable online, (#59,, and it has no mention.

The October Wizard (#62) is searchable, but only has one sentence about MST3K, and only about the network change (“The Sci-Fi Channel has picked up ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ from Comedy Central and has ordered 13 new episodes to begin airing in February.”) The other searchable issues online have no mention of MST3K.

I finally pulled out the comic book box I have with earlier WIZARD issues, but unfortunately, most are from 2000 onward, I didn’t always keep earlier issues I got, but there’s still a chance I have some earlier ones somewhere else. We’ll see.