Anyone interested in doing a rewatch with me?

I’m rewatching ALL of the episodes (that I can find) in order and would enjoy having others discuss them with me after.
Is anyone interested in doing this and having discussions and posting all our lovely comments here?

Here’s the link to the first Group-Watch. I’ll post a new episode every week or so to let everyone have a chance to watch and post their comments.


I’m in the middle of a rewatch and I don’t know if I want to start over right now, but I will if enough other people are into the idea.

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Even if you don’t want to rewatch the episodes you’ve just seen, it would be alright if you commented on things you remember.


I’m lucky if I remember things 5 minutes after I watch them these days.


I’d be down for chipping in on series rewatch discussions, sure, count me in!


I feel you on that, friend! :joy: I guess just jump in if you can remember :upside_down_face:

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Sounds cool


I’m in the middle of series 3 but would love to do a group watch


Yeah. I don’t have much going on in the next few weeks (work and then basically come home until I build up a bit of stake to pi** away on gambling at pocket billiards and whiskey).

Where’re you starting, KTMA?

I can’t promise not foul language, but I’ll do my best to be PG-13 (?) or below. Not a problem. Could be some leaky valves as the hamburger sandwiches start flowing, but I will try,.

Just always ask myself, what would The Very Mads do! As it happens, they go there, but I’ll keep the language tamed. I personally don’t care, passing for an adult most days, but that seems to be the forum culture, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Although especially in the Joel era, they got quite a bit blue in subject matter…but not really in language.


Who starts this cavalcade? I nominate OP!


I might be up for this.

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Can’t promise I’ll always be able to as work gets in the way but I’ll try to chip in. I know there is a website with most if not all the eps I have to look for it.


I’d only be able to pop in sporadically, due to work and such, but it sounds like this is gonna be a fairly casual discussion group, so it sounds fun!image


Ditto, and finding eps might be a bit rough, but I’d love to go back through the mists of time…


That’s not a bad point: there’ve been various recuts and all that on various releases. I haven’t made a spreadsheet on exactly which versions I’m using, since having ripped everything to digital.

I don’t make spreadsheets for anything outside of work. Hmmm. mmmm. Dynamo hybrid No-SQL …no! Not going to do it! But I suspect there are a number of nurds in this community, and if I apply the right amount of pressure…mmmmmm…grrrrrrrrrr…It just might work!

Well, there aren’t that many drastic changes/cuts at least in MST3K KTMA–> S10. Not that I know about, and I’ve never bothered to see if I can upgrade “with proof of purchase” and all that.

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If you can find that website, I’ll use that instead of YouTube for us :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m getting moist with anticipatory sweat!

Bring it on!

My forehead is becoming moist!

I demand it!

Behind my ears, also moist!

IMHO that’s the right physiological response!

Also, did you buy some crackers? We don’t have any crackers.


“Rye crisps, Sociables, anything?!”

4 Likes has a list of episodes in order with links, most of the original run being on YouTube. Almost all of the original run episodes are on either Tubi or YouTube. Godzilla would be a notable exception. Netflix episodes are Netflix episodes.


Don’t know if I could participate, but… a firm “Maybe” ?

I’d politely suggest an early episode, maybe a “1” or even “0.” Because, yeah. They’re still viewable through The Club, at least for now and it’s precisely because a) they’ve got the riffs more spaced out and b) they’re less chewed over by the fandom in general that they’d be really fun to talk about.

But that’s not cast in iron, of course.


I can’t promise not foul language, but I’ll do my best to be PG-13 (?) or below. Not a problem. Could be some leaky valves as the hamburger sandwiches start flowing, but I will try…

Hope I’m not jinxing everything, but I think if we all just informally agree to talk to each other on a re-watch like we do here, right now, it should be fine. Same principle if we’re adding our own riffs, doing “live” comments about it on a designated thread, etc.

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