Anyone know if my family could get 1 Gizmoplex pass for all of us, or if we have to get separate ones?

My dad and I are wanting to get a pass real soon but I’m not sure if we have to get separate ones. Also, do any of y’all know what platform Season 13 will be on?

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Season 13’s gonna be on the Gizmoplex in 3 months… on March 4th.


I don’t think we know enough yet about how the Gizmoplex will work. :thinking: I would guess that it’s going to be like other streaming services where you have a password to sign in with as long as you have the app, which would mean you could have your account signed in on more than one device. But whether or not you can both use it at the same time….? I’m not sure.

The original Kickstarter did describe a Gizmoplex Watch Club, which sounds like you’d be able to watch episodes live with other people, remotely. It specifically says:
“Anyone with a Gizmoplex Pass can join for free, and if you want to invite someone who doesn’t, they can get a “Day Pass” for just $0.99!”
But if your question is about whether or not you and your dad would be able to share a single subscription, that wouldn’t really apply


Well, we are heading towards the internet people tracking all of us in our homes. So, you may not be able to get away with logging in and letting your dad watch, too. At least, not after Googalexsiri takes over. After then, everyone who can see the screen will need a ticket. But, perhaps, now, it seems, we are on the honor system.

I can, have, must, and will share my subscription passwords with anyone I like. (Which will include Gizmoplex if possible — no disrespect intended toward the good people at MST.) Mega Multimedia Conglomerate Incorporated will have to pry that from my cold dead hands.

red sniper laser dot appears on my forehead


Are you planning to watch together in a single location, and/or do you still live with your dad? If so, one pass should do the trick.

If not, we aren’t currently planning to make an effort to prevent password sharing… but it will reduce how much we’re able to raise through the Gizmoplex, which in turn will limit our options to keep making more new episodes AFTER Season 13.

So, we’re hoping anyone who can afford to will get their own membership, and in doing so, help us continue to #MakeMoreMST3K. :slight_smile:


Why yes, we will read between the lines. :wink:


It’s the only way we get a season 14!


I’ll be frankly disappointed if GPC doesn’t swoop down to lift unauthorized Gizmoplex viewers out of the theater by the scruff of the neck.