Anyone remember Ice Pirates?

I was just thinking about what movies would play great on MST, and it just occurred to me that Ice Pirates could be just about perfect. What do you all think?


It was great when I was 12 or 13, but I haven’t seen it in years. Do you remember Space herpes?

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RedLetterMedia did a re:View of Ice Pirates. Rich Evans loved this movie as a kid.

I absolutely remember The Ice Pirates. I watched it many times with a friend when it was new (or at least when it was on satellite channels at the time). It has a special place in my heart. I got my hands on the DVD a couple years ago and it was just as good and goofy as I remembered.

I’ve no doubt MST or RiffTrax would have a great time with it!

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Indeed. The space herpes were the best performance.

I remember it, and I remember watching it many times as a kid. (Thanks, HBO!) Oddly enough, the thing I remember most is the scene in which the robot family is killed. “Mama! Baby! Mama! Baby!” with the robot turning helplessly back and forth.

…now that I come to say that out loud, it sounds pretty awful. I wonder what that says about me that it’s stuck with me all these years?

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Totally remember that movie. The scene that sticks out in my memory is the one where they aged rapidly because of some sort of spacey timey thingy.

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I remember it was shown on UK tv one summer, and the next few weeks everyone would play “Grass Pirates”, using the cut grass on the playing field as currency, and we’d all “Pirate” it in raids.

Kids are weird.

I have Ice Pirates on DVD. It is a funny movie - not quite as riproaringly funny as Spaceballs but a good one.

The movie has a Ron Perlman 20 years before Hellboy. The late John Matuszak was cool to see. But the best part had to be the robot pimp!

We got to get Tom and Crow to meet this bot!

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Please don’t let them be pimped out by this robot.

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