App Hiding Episodes I Own

So I was trying to show my niece some MST3K on the app last night and I can’t find ANYTHING I own. Stupidly I can buy, once again, episodes I own, watch trailers for episodes I own, and wander around through ad after ad for episodes I own. But not once able to watch any of the DOZENS of episodes I actually own.
Come on this is ridiculous! It is stupid enough I have to fight through ads to find the stuff I have bought but now I can’t even find the episodes I have paid for.

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So I at first was frustrated with the app trying to find what I’d paid for. Did you check the “Purchased” or “Offline” section under the “Library” tab, or are you saying the episodes you’ve paid for have disappeared from that section?

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The library is completely empty,it just wants me to make a List.

Were you logged into the app?

Also which app, please.


I am logged in.

Are you streaming to a tablet/phone or using Google TV (Chromecast)?

No, just looking at the app

When I open the app, there is a “profile” link at the bottom of the screen. If you click on that does it show you are logged in or does it ask you to log in? (Mine is asking me to log in again)

You need to use your VHX account info.

Once you are logged in, you should see “My List” “OffLine” and “Purchased” across the top of the screen.

Click on “Purchased” and then you should see a list of everything attached to your VHX account. Keep in mind episodes you have through KS events will be listed under those events not as separate episodes.


Finally figured it out. It is bad design that I have to search and click several times to find stuff I have paid hundreds of dollars for. It is insulting to see ads for stuff I own before I can watch it. At the very least, if I click on something I freaking own, NO MATTER WHERE, I should be able to watch it.
If I go to VUDU, Prime, or Disney+ and see something I already own, I click on it and can watch it.
Why when I click on My Library is the default tab My List. I’ll never use my list, I’ll never click on it on purpose. I have no clue how it could possibly be of use to anyone much less why it would be more important than ANYTHING else in my library.

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Sadly that is one of the “joys” of VHX. There’s nothing Ivan and his team can really do about it. The funky way VHX organises information is one of the reasons they are designing the Gizmoplex and the virtual theater. That is a platform they have more control over.