App is developing free will

Hi there. A weird occurrence has cropped up the last couple of days on my DirectTV Stream device: the Gizmoplex app spontaneously loads itself. I would be inclined to blame the device, but it doesn’t happen with any other app that I use regularly. So anyway, bet you haven’t heard that one before.

Keep up the good work!


Could it be a ‘feature’ of DirecTV? It will auto-open the last streaming app you used? I have not seen this behavior with Google TV (Chromecast).


Dude, that’s Skynet taking over the internet… find an abandoned Cold War bomb shelter and wait out Judgement Day so you can lead the battle to save humanity!


I have no clue. It doesn’t happen with any other app. The Gizmoplex is not the latest app I had used, either, so my best guess is Joel used those special parts to give it AI.


DirecTV has been taken over by the mads. From now on it will send you cheesy movies. The worst it can find.


I have a WWI-style helmet, but it’s just plastic.


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I’ve got movie siiiiiiiiign!


The TV in my bedroom does that on occasion. Not with this app specifically but sometimes it’ll turn on by itself despite the only real way for that to happen being the remote, face up and away from anything that could depress buttons.

So we must have the same ghosts.


It is the will of White Dot!


Does your device use an RF (radio frequency), or IR (infra-red) remote? If you don’t know, one way to tell is whether or not you need to point the remote at the device for it to work. Devices like a FireStick are typically behind your TV plugged into a USB port, so they use RF remotes. Devices that use RF remotes are much more susceptible to interference than those that use IR remotes. Depending on the source of interference, it can be fairly random noise, or it can be repeating signals at regular (or even seemingly random) intervals.

A repeating, non-random RF signal in your vicinity could be the source of your issue. It may even be the case of your neighbors using the same device and remote that you are using, resulting in your remotes occasionally controlling each other’s devices.


Well the device does not require the remote to be pointed at it, so from what you say I’m guessing it’s RF. Another odd thing is it happens at about the same time of day – today it was 8:53 am CDT. And if it’s a random signal from elsewhere, why is it always the same app? Curiouser and curiouser …


You have a neighbor who watches MST every morning as they exercise. :slight_smile:

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8:53 a.m. CDT. Again.

Seems to be a case of a recurring RF signal interfering with your device. If you are up for re-arranging the furniture, moving the device to the other side of the room could help, depending on the strength and location of the interfering signal.

If I forget to shut down the Roku app on my phone, it will randomly turn the TV on.

Lots of fun in the middle of the night.

Especially since I have no idea how to use the app to willfully turn the TV on.

That reminded me I had the MST3K app on my phone, so I removed it just to see what might happen.