April 15 Live Event postponed

This was announced at the end of the Robot Wars live stream; they want to focus on getting things ready for the full Gizmoplex launch. It will happen in May instead.


So what are they going to air on April 15th? At the very end of that Zoom session they said see you in 2 weeks so I assume they’re going to show something… :thinking:

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Maybe someone didn’t get the memo or it’s a slow burn AFJ.

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There was a note/correction overlay over that pre-made two-week notice. The next event of any kind is 4/29.



there is nothing to say that we, as a community, cant decide to pick one of the eps up for rotation this month and all try to watch on the 15th . just a rewatch / first watch for some, then share favourite riffs, host segment ratings etc. once gizmoplex expands, so may these forums, so be good practice for us if nothing else :smiley:


If the backers can select an episode/episodes, my votes are for Puma Man and Boggy Creek 2. Both are great ways to come down after the last minute tax filings are completed.


if you want to take the lead, start a post with the idea. if you want to see if more people react here first, thats fine too :slight_smile: just you have a better profile pic than me, so it may be more successful if you suggest it haha

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It seems like the live-chat is still open… Arena
Theoretically, one could use it on the 15th for a community event (assuming it stays up another 2 weeks :stuck_out_tongue: )
I’m sure a thread could be made for a live-watch, too, just like the events.