April 15th episode?

Is anyone else unable to watch the Future War tribute episode? I try to play and it says “this event is scheduled for may 12, 2022 01:00pm”


The Future War tribute was originally scheduled for April 15th, but it got bumped to May 12th so that everyone could enjoy a holiday weekend and also for the-powers-that-be to focus on getting the Gizmoplex up and ready by its official public launch date of May 6th.

As a substitute of sorts, we had a community rewatch of Space Mutiny!


The replay for that episode is not available?

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There isn’t a typical replay deal outside of choosing to watch the episode again, as it was a screening of Space Mutiny without any intro or outro stuff. The novelty was that viewers had the choice of voting for one out of six episodes from this month’s Gizmoplex Vault picks.

The real bonus feature was the Open Thread we had for the occasion:


Space Mutiny is one of the Vault picks for the month, so you have access to it any time between now and the end of April.


If you want some of us to watch with you, just call out a time and I’m sure a few of us would join an imaginary watch party. I’m willing to be that Space Mutiny is being shown in at least five households as we speak.


This is something I hope gets a lot easier once watch parties are available in the bunker. Make a post here, set a date and time, and I guarantee you will have folks to watch with. :slight_smile:


I made a suggestion to have the ability to host one of your movies and have it open to members of the Gizmoplex to pop in and watch. Of course, you can always announce here somewhere that you’re going to have one at a certain time (next Sunday, A.D.?) or just have impromptu screenings. I hope they can do something like that. It seems like a fun option for us to host and share.