Are only the beta testers seeing the backer wall?

I’m a backer, but not a beta tester. Is this why my versions of the app (one Android / one Roku) only give me movie lists and packages, and do not look at all like the tour that was given after the Santo premiere? I don’t have options to see the backer wall, the different theaters, the lobby, etc. Is this because I’m not a beta tester, or am I doing something wrong? I’m seeing so many discussions here about the “real” Gizmoplex but can’t join in on the fun.


They are rolling out access to the Virtual Theater in stages according to backer number. I’m in the mid-20ks and don’t have access yet, and I don’t expect to get my invite for a while yet.

So it looks like we may have to wait a bit longer, but on the plus side, by the time we do get there they may have got the escalators working :wink:


There is the standard Gizmoplex site through VHX: Browse - MST3K: THE GIZMOPLEX

And then there is the Virtual Theater experience, which is a different site. Right now backers are slowly getting invites to the theater, and everyone should have access by the May 6 general premiere.

Something else to keep in mind is that the virtual theater is not really set up to work with apps like Roku or Firestick. It’s meant to be viewed on a computer, preferably with a Chrome browser.


“Hello, wall.”

I can confirm that I can see the backer wall (and appear on it correctly) in my Virtual Theater in Firefox. It took me a while to get the invite but once I got it everything showed up as expected. I only have it on the computer, I’ve not seen any kind of VT interface in the Roku app yet.


All backers will eventually get an invite to the beta.gizmplex thingy. =)

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The Virtual theater is not available in the apps, only through a browser.