Are the Roku (etc) apps going to get a facelift to match the browser interface?

I don’t even know if this is possible but felt I had to ask.

The browser based version has its nice Myst-esque point-and-click interface (which begs for easter eggs to be added) but the Roku version is a pretty basic thin menu frame down the side/content in the bigger frame set up. Is there any way/plan to get the snazzy theater-lobby-atrium look? Maybe toggleable on and off for people who hate fun?

Also, I’m just assuming that the browser version will eventually let you go from place to place without using the CamBot menu which I currently can’t.

Also also, Myst-ery Science Theater. I see it.


I’m sorry to say this, but the answer is no. And as Ivan said: it’s because the team doesn’t have the budget to give the apps a theater-like look.

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I knew I was right!

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However, you can cast to your Roku. If you have Windows, click on the Notifications button then click ‘Connect’ and choose your Roku.

Certain Roku devices now have support for Apple AirPlay so you can cast from iOS/macOS as well

For what it’s worth, I kind of prefer the minimal interface on the device apps because it involves less clicking around to get to the content, and is optimized for the living-room user experience because you can navigate it with just a remote instead of bringing a keyboard/mouse into it. It’s easy and convenient in a way that’s similar to all the other streaming apps I use on the regular.

From a hardware standpoint, Roku/Apple TV/Fire Stick aren’t really built for a rich point-and-click adventure game experience, so I feel like trying to port that over to those platforms would be a bridge too far. Although for special occasions, like the premieres/livestreams we’ll be having every two weeks for the next year, I do enjoy the slightly more deluxe web experience we get with the virtual theater. I’m happy to cast from my PC over to the TV for those special events, just to make things look a little fancier.