Are we all breathing easier today?

Same here. I’ve been an early adopter of many streaming services that had less-than-smooth rollouts (looking at you, WWE :rofl:) but this feels a bit different than those, considering it’s essentially a closed test to the backer group versus the entire public at large.

Because of that, I’m not upset in the least. Fully expected a few hitches and glitches, but, hey, the fact that White Dot is now an MST3K legend is awesome. I’d love to memorialize them with an honorary statue in the Gizmoplex.


Just rub your eyes real hard and he will appear to you.


Ivan has had to improvise messages before, for tech issues in prior experimental MST3K livestreams, and they are always somehow both hilarious and reassuring.

Apropos of nothing but I also wish Ivan had time to write on the show more often. He’s brilliantly funny.


Maybe I could make a bracelet or something, to remind myself. :thinking:


just a quick question, Is there a link to the virtual theater we got a tour of during the aftershow? and when will those six episodes be availible to watch? im using the mst3k app off the google play store

only if it slaps


I figured as much from the Gizmoplex tour @ivan gave during the post-show.

It was really fun to hear his inside story behind the features you all are planning. Plus it’s always awesome to see Joel so genuinely proud of the results.


I had promised my daughter she could watch a show before our little MST3K watch party, not realizing her show was 45 min long and not a half hour (meaning we’d miss the first 15 min). Then had some technical issues getting things hooked up to the TV.

I’m just going to pretend that you intentionally delayed things until I could join. Thank you, white dot!


I’ll echo many of the sentiments. I watched it with my wife (not a MSTie) and even she enjoyed it! I recently rewatched it and like the Return, the show is treated with the tender, love and care it deserves, but to also branch out in new ways is bold. Bar-b-que bold. Outside of just the episode, which I figured would be great: The Gizmoplex is progressing conceptually way outside of my expectations (our own Cambot!! Amazing.)

The whole crew should feel proud and rest easy that the fandom is with you from what I can see. We’ve got a high bar but we’re easy to please.


The White Dot works in mysterious ways!


So what IS the white dot anyway? Once they got the feed fixed, I didn’t see it in the actual video. Broken things don’t usually form a white dot on the internet.


Sort of like a test pattern, I’m guessing. “We’re showing something!”


I just saw The Batman yesterday, so I’m going to assume it’s a series of clues, each more cunning than the last, that will eventually lead us to the killer!


it’s not the worshippers you have to worry about. it’s the white dot shippers :).

Quite frankly, I found the problems hilarious, in no small part to whoever typed out the ‘we tested this, really!’ responses :). goes in perfectly with ‘kinga chrome’ too :).


White Dot doesn’t require an explanation. It just is.


Any time you all want to make official White Dot merch (unofficial exists because OF COURSE it does), so far this inside joke keeps rolling….


It was roughly 25 minutes of technical difficulties. At first I was sad, but not for myself, for the team behind the scenes trying to get it all working again, on the most auspicious of nights since the Kickstarter began.

However, as the messages came in, both official and via chat, the results were clear: We were experiencing a Meme being born from thin air, and we could relax in it’s humourous circumference.

From a simple visual acompanying a test tone blip, meant to appear for no more than a fraction of a second, if at all, The :white_circle: entered our lives, and the universe of MST3K forever; If it wasn’t already here from the start.

Fitting, the MST3K planet and Cambots now have another circular friend (or enemy?) to join in the reverie.
It’s Gizmoplex :white_circle: com, after all.


Have we heard exactly what went wrong? I figured the server might be overloaded with unexpectedly high numbers of viewers, but apparently that wasn’t it.

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I’m pretty sure that wasn’t sweat? :thinking: