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“There’s ideas that some of the noises from the dolphins, when they’re lovemaking, the frequency of that is actually healing to the body.” :dolphin: :scream:

This just in, Aaron Rodgers to start this week, owes his remarkable recovery to whale porn.


He’s trolling everybody now because he’s got lots of free time, and he’s a hopeless attention ho.

:rofl: :rofl:

It’s weird that these happiness ratings don’t have much relation to actually winning games

Damn, WTF is happening with the Cardinals facilities?!?

About damn time he got one.

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Well it’s Week 2. Maybe this will get me ready for the Football Season :rofl: :rofl:

Well, that lead didn’t last long. Seahawks opened the game with an effective, methodical drive… and then the Lions answer - go the offensive lightning strike rout, and just shreds Seattle D like it was nothing.

Bills let the Raiders run down the field and score to start the game…
3 and out for the Bills, then we get a Jimmy G interception that allowed us to score on the followup drive. Just gave the Raiders a 3 and out. Looks like the Bills made some necessary adjustments as we’re tied at 7 in the 1st qtr.
YEAH!! Bills up 14-7! Now they’re playing ball like they should be!
OH What a Strike to Shakir!! Bills up 21-10 the end of the 1/2.
Chewed up over half of the 3rd qtr and we’re up 28-10!
Interception!! 2nd from Garoppalo! :open_mouth:
Ok Game Over! 38-10 with 5+ minutes left in the game :football:
Much Better Game from last weeks debacle :clap: :clap:

Seattle’s 2 missed FGs - they’d have the lead had he made them. (Edit - and TD, Seahawks lead!!!)

Packers had a nice scoring drive, our 5th round rookie made a nice catch and run for a TD. But Atlanta came right back, that RB cut through our D like a hot knife through butter, but the Pack got a stop and a sack to hold them to 3. 17 to 12 Pack late in the 3rd.

Packers TOUCHDOWN! Reed again, his second. So yeah, the draft experts who hated on that pick, said the Pack drank the Kool-aid by reaching on that kid… and yet, pre-season to early season, as the radio announcers said, he’s the one rook who plays like a vet, he was battle ready from day 1. Keep it up Jaydon, prove the haters wrong.

24 to 12, a few seconds left in the 3rd.

Damn it, our D is gassed. 24-19

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Cincinnati kept up their pace at getting pushed down. I’m in favor of that.

Not too sure what was up with Kyle Allen kneeling for two plays in the last dozens of seconds…probably sportsmanship or something. But I wouldn’t have minded Bass taking a go at a field goal, just to send a message to the others, if they could have got within reasonable range. Solid Buffalo win, anyway.

AND no interceptions thrown by Josh. So, keep it up!

Seattle somehow pulled it out in OT - yay. But Green Bay craped their pants. Unbelievable, way to throw it away defense, you were absolutely useless in the second half.

Got the Jets @ Cowchips game now and I’m no Dallas fan by any means but after last weeks game, I think the Jets need to be humbled…

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The refs ignored a blatant hold that last Seattle play.

The Giants being shutout Again so far in the first half by the … Cardinals?? :flushed:
Are the Giants really that bad? :open_mouth:

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It’s professional footbaw, nobody’s really that bad.

They were owed that for the bullshit grounding call.

Refs make enough bad calls on all sides.