Are you ready for some football?

The Giants have tied it up at 28 with 2 minutes remaining :open_mouth:
And… They Won?! 31-28 :open_mouth:

Micah Parsons is some sort of phase-shifting space ninja game wrecker robot.

the Broncos are 0-2 so I guess we’re just picking up where we left off last season.

granted injuries have really wiped us out, but we blew an 18-point lead today.

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According to the NFL Network, Joe Burrow’s calf is in a state of “tweaked.” It is not twerked or twinged or all beshat. Just so we’re clear.

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So you’re allowed to say beshat on the forum. Filing that info away for future use.


If Burrow is ‘tweaked’ then Rodgers is all ‘beshat’ himself :rofl:

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The Bears have had Justin Fields start 27 games so far in the NFL:

  • They are 5-22 in those games

  • He has been sacked 101 (!) times.

  • His completion percentage is 59.8%

  • He has thrown 26 TDs to 24 INTs.

  • He has fumbled 31 times (8 lost)

  • He’s averaging just 156.5 passing yards per game in his career.

And after rushing for over 1,000 yards last season, the Bears have had Fields carry the ball just 13 times in 2 games this season.

It’s not getting any easier: Chicago is traveling to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs in Week 3.



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Yeah things are getting ugly in Bronco town. Russ has been a high-maintenance mouth without much of any success to back up his diva attitude.

I’d frankly like to see Stidham play some. He looked good in preseason (yeah, yeah) but maybe having someone hungry nipping at his heels will get Wilson to focus on the game he’s paid to play and not his social media. And if Stidham plays well and wins games, it may be time to consider what options there are with Wilson.


Interesting. Back in the day, Sean would never publicly hang a player out to dry like that. Well, at least that I can recall. Oh, he could be displeased but they’d kind of handle it inside the building. If he wanted someone gone, Sean would talk him up to protect his trade value then whoever would go away after the season. He could be brutal but in a low-key way. Except with kickers. He’d cut a kicker like you’d buy new wiper blades.

Remember he’s a Parcells guy. They’re full of all sorts of balloon juice.

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No doubt.

Steelers beat the Browns by 4 and the Panthers lost to the Saints by 3 on MNF double header :open_mouth:
Glad I didn’t stay up for that one.

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I caught a little of the Steelers/Browns but, I hate the Steelers, and I hate the Browns QB, so that was unwatchable. Instead, I put on some music while I made my dinner.

Week 3 I have my Pack against the Saints on Fox in the morn, then the Hawks at home vs the Panthers in the afternoon.

Hope the Pack’s RB is healthy, we really need him, our young team was excellent for 3 quarters…unfortunately for them, you gotta play a full 4. I think a vet like Aaron (RB) in the game would have made a world of difference (we damn well would have made those late 3rd and 4th and short, runs).

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I am so angry at the Browns because they were the loveably underdog I could always root for and they ruined that.

So I watched the Saints instead.


Or Baker :open_mouth:



Guess the owner didn’t think this through… :man_facepalming:

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Now that’s a tall quarterback!