Are you ready for some football?

When the sportsfolk would talk about his height, I thought, what’s the big deal, there have been small QBs before, Wilson was only 5’11 - but then I saw him at the draft, and holy cow, it’s not his height so much as his frame, Russ has some muscle and weight on his body, Bryce looked like a skinny teenage kid. “Micah Parsons gets ahold of this poor guy, he’s going to snap like a twig!”

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Drew Brees is 6’. He was basically automatic leaping over the pile.

Andy Dalton red rides into town, quietly salvages everybody’s bacon, collects his check, and moseys on out.

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Goff drawing the Personal Foul :rofl: :rofl:

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Bears’ DC Alan Williams resigned this afternoon. He will not return to the team.

GEES! Raided by the FBI?? WTF is going on in Chicago? :open_mouth:

Yeah, usually they save stuff like that for Mayors and Aldermen!

Not sure how much he’ll help right away. But if the Vikings can start turning things around this week, it’s a move that can help their offensive balance as the season goes on.

Turns out nope.

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Hate Dallas but Like Stefon’s bro… :frowning_face:


Christian McCaffery is a monster, Deebo Samuel is magical, and Brock Purdy is simply unreasonable.

We have so much talent it is actually unfair. Heh heh heh

So, let me get this straight…
Brock Purdy made $780000 last night.
Daniel Jones made $46 Million last night.
Hmm… There’s something not quite right here :face_with_monocle:

Do you think the Jets look at the 49ers Mr. Irrelevant, and then think of their high first round QB picks, plus their 4-play savior, and scream into their pillows at night?

BTW - Y’know, you could have traded back, got some extra picks AND drafted Lamar Jackson? Sure, hindsight is 20/20, still, it’s another something to scream about.

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Dallas has lost CB Trevon Diggs for the season to an ACL tear suffered in practice.

Fortunately for them they’re pretty stacked with good corners, and safeties that play slot corner anyway, because coordinator Dan Quinn is either a jedi or a maniac.

I loved watching his dad play. I still have my Ed McCaffery jersey.

Side note trivia: Ed McCaffery has no memory of 9/11. The Broncos were playing the Monday night game on Sept 10 and that’s the game where Ed broke his leg. He said later he was out of it until at least Wednesday.

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Two of these three are on my accidentally ridiculous fantasy team, and I am thanking them.