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Most sportscasters are idiots.

I don’t much care for Tom Brady, even if he is a local boy (he went to high school about 20 minutes from here); I liked him okay for a while, then I was tired of him, and now his can’t-let-it-go-schtick is just pathetic. I’m in Niners land, and we know a thing or two about great QBs.

But that man went to 10 Superbowls, won 7 of them, and did the last one at age 43, in his first year with a new team. Nobody is close to that, or coming close to that, and anyone who says Tom Brady is not the greatest quarterback of all time and will be for the foreseeable future is just a hopeless partisan.



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I never cared for the greatest of all time talk… rules change, the size and speed of the game has changed. I’d be more receptive to “the greatest of their generation” talk.

(I remember watching a clip of a top receiver from the 60s running a rout, and he’s getting elbowed, chipped, bumped, throughout. I was thinking, “Sheesh, there’d be 12 flags thrown on that play today” - lol - it’s not the same game decade by decade)

But by any rule, he was the goat, the A-#1. I believe only Otto Graham did as well post season wise (he played 10 years and took the Brown to 10 championships, and won 7 of them… granted the first 4 were in the AAFC, but still, he was one of the greats from his era and it’s unfortunate in this Superbowl centered NFL, that we (the media), seem to have forgotten those who came before, like Automatic Otto)


The Panthers is one team :open_mouth:


The Panthers Just GOT Chicago’s #1 Pick :scream:

Compensation update, per sources: Bears trading No. 1 overall pick to Carolina for:

🏈pick No. 9

🏈pick No. 61

🏈a first-round pick in 2024

🏈a second-round pick in 2025

🏈WR DJ Moore


The last time the Bears had or used their #1 (meaning the top pick in the draft) was in 1947, for Bob Fenimore, and that didn’t work out so well for them.

Due to injuries, Fenimore played sparingly in the 1946 season and despite the risk, the Chicago Bears made Fenimore the first pick overall in the 1947 NFL Draft. He would play only the 1947 season in Chicago appearing in 10 games

Bob Fenimore - Wikipedia

The Panthers are giving up a lot of picks, and who do they have a WR now? Guessing they’ll be trying to bolster their lineup via free agency? Rumor is they like Stroud over Young… we’ll see.

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It sounds like the Panthers aren’t done, they appear to be ‘dangling’ that first round pick to other teams to see what players and/or draft picks they can pick back up :thinking:

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D’oh, posted in the wrong thread. LOL

But yeah, that sounds… convoluted. Be curious to see what happens with that. (and now I’m off to the Frame Game to post there, what I accidentally posted here)


The Panthers brain-dead owner probably realized he gave up too much and is hoping to maybe get a player or 2 along with a couple draft picks back.
He’s starting to act like Jerry Jones getting too involved in things he doesn’t have a clue about and I’m sure Frank Reich and the GM are walking on eggshells trying not to anger Tepper…


News that’s more sad than any of the cuts the Vikings have recently made. RIP Bud Grant.


Loved Bud, rest in peace.

A few things I’ve been reading today.

And it sounds like the deal has been worked out, and both teams are just waiting for Aaron. Waiting, waiting, waiting…


I was also curious about TD to interception ratios after seeing all the INTs Johnny Unitas threw in his career (when I was a kid, Johnny U was considered the Goat)

It looks like in the past INTs were more common - Bradshaw won all those SBs but threw 210 INTs to 212 TDs, and even cerebral, steady Bart Starr threw 158 TDS to 138 INTs. It seems today a lot of emphasis is placed on limiting INTs.

I found this chart

Say what you will about Rodgers and Wilson, but they didn’t throw a lot of picks. They are the only 2 on the chart over 100.

By comparison Johnny is at 78.2

Brady’s at 97.2 - Montana was at 92.3

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When Kroenke made the decision to move the Rams out of St. Louis, he took a giant crap on the city on his way out. Among his claims was that St. Louis was a two-sport town. St. Louisans, in my experience, have always been super supportive of their pro sports teams. This includes the XFL’s Battlehawks, to the point that they opened up the upper rows at the Dome due to high demand. The Rock has noticed this.


Back in the old days pass interference wasn’t really a thing so receivers were often mugged for the ball.


Not good for the Bills :open_mouth:

Trade is now agreed to, per sources:

🏈Dolphins get Pro Bowl CB Jalen Ramsey.

🏈Rams get 2023 third-round pick (No. 77) and TE Hunter Long.

Trade will be processed Wednesday, when league year begins.

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Yeah it looks like they had a good crowd, very noisy one too

I haven’t watched any of the games live, just the highlights here and there. While I couldn’t find anything on sales for Seattle’s team, most of what I’ve seen, well, there were a lot of empty seats. So yeah, St. Louis is certainly out and supporting their XFL club.

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Raiders are giving former 49ers’ QB Jimmy Garoppolo a three-year, $67.5 million deal, including $34 million guaranteed, per source.

Welp, that’s one confirmed loss… :pensive:
Bears are giving former Bills’ LB Tremaine Edmunds a 4-yr, $72M that includes $50M guaranteed, per source. It is the largest 4-year contract for an inside linebacker in the NFL.

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AH Jimmy you broke my heart!

But after the way the Niners treated him, I can’t blame him. With luck Brock will be back early next season, and I wish Jimmy success in LV (except when they play the Broncos).

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The 49ers are signing former Panthers’ QB Sam Darnold to a 1-year deal. :open_mouth:

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Well… we need more healthy QBs, and I at least have no specific objection to this one. Better than giving $80M to Aaron Rodgers!

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Welp, another option goes away for the Jets - and while we all wait for the diva to deign to grace us with his decision, the Pack did sign one of their most explosive players on special teams. Only a 1-year deal, but still, so happy to have Nixon back. He was fun to watch.