As A Woman I'd Like to say this

It’s rare to encounter a Fandom where I feel remotely safe to have opinions or even comment. This community of MST3K folks is the only community I know of where I don’t get harassed, I don’t get doxxed, where I can just dare to be myself on the internet. I am 53 and a female techie so the internet hasn’t always not been a great place for me. I can’t begin to imagine how terrible it is for folks that aren’t me. I am just grateful to have a place that feels like home, however corny that seems. Thank you.


I’m not a woman, but that aspect of the fandom makes me happy too.


Hey, we’re very grateful that you’re a part of this collective, that the MSTie community has been such a positive and welcoming one for you, and that the fandom has felt safe like that. That’s just the best.

That doesn’t seem corny at all, not a bit. I’ve said it before, and I’ll gladly say it again: this is the greatest fanbase in the universe. I stand by that statement simply because of how awesome MSTies are in general.

Cheers, @Vavavoomindaroom, and all the best!


Same here, word to that.


No misogynists allowed on Kinga Forrester’s property.


I’m not a techie, but I’ve had some negative experiences with social media in the past (not sure it was because I’m a woman, but who knows?), and I’ve been very tentative about getting involved in any kind of social media, but I started out on Club MST3K and I told myself that I was only going to watch episodes there. I wasn’t going to get involved with anything, but I gradually got pulled in. There was a brief moment where there was a bit of a shocking interaction and that temporarily drove me away, but we worked it out and returned to interacting and except for a few little bumps have mostly enjoyed it because MSTies are great. :slight_smile:


Threads like this make me just that little bit more proud to be a MSTie and a member of this forum! :slight_smile:


Nice. :slight_smile:

I had a MSTie/RT fan say some creepy “funny” sh*t to me on YouTube just a week or so ago. Hope he stays away from here. Or at least that he minds his manners better over here. :confused:


Cheers to that! :clinking_glasses: And to this forum remaining that way!


You’re welcome!

Now give me some money.


/internet robbery


I mean, I’m a nearly 35 year old Trans woman. I’ve had the same problems everywhere, but when I do find those communities that are loving and respectful, I treasure them.


I’d like to think that at the first sign of twit-itude here, Lesley and/or Ivan would have a finger on the airlock button faster than that thing that is fast.


This and Stardew Valley are the most welcoming, wholesome fandoms out there. Even as a man most of the internet these days is too toxic to engage with, and it’s nice to have at least one nice place to keep your faith in humanity alive.


I am so glad this forum makes you feel included, valued, and accepted! Thank you for reminding us that toxicity still exists (not that we needed the reminder, lol), and to cherish this healthy environment. Also, thank you for reminding me that the internet can be so much worse for people who aren’t cis-men.

I think one reason this place is so friendly is that we have been brought together by comedy. We all enter here being already in on the joke, which must help. But this forum is what it is not just because of MST3K, but because everyone involved in the forum has made a concerted effort to forge a kind, decent community despite trollworld, inceldom, and the Fandom Menace.


You and I are from the same generation and it really is staggering how much change we’ve lived through. Not just technologically, but socially. Electronic books and genetic engineering are no longer science fiction but commonplace. But the change I thought least likely to happen in my lifetime is that we would start the conversations about gender, sexual orientation, and identity that we have now. Those truly seemed relegated to some far-off future, and I’m delighted that in my lifetime we’ve reached an enlightened enough stage to talk about them now. Granted, the counterweight is swinging as hard as it can in the opposite direction, but the net gain in energy is behind progress and moving forward in a better way.

It’s great that you feel welcomed and safe here, and I think everyone should. That’s the kind of community this is, by and large, and the kind it should remain.


The strides MST3K’s making toward inclusivity in its cast, crew and content makes me really happy. I’m glad to see that reflected in this community.

As others have said, major thanks to our mods for ensuring that everyone here feels welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:


Please know that when I say, “hey, sweet thing. Wanna watch a bad movie?” that I call everyone “sweet thing.”


“Sure thing, sugar britches.”