Astronomy events coming to a sky near you!

But that’s my point – there’s no such thing as most of totality. It’s a completely different qualitative experience. There is any totality (100%) and there is no totality (literally anything < 100%).

It’s perfectly reasonable if you don’t want to fight the crowds for it, but 99.9% is no closer to experiencing totality than 60% or 80%. People get told that 99% is almost as good because, ya know, it’s only 1% less. But it’s not 1% less, it’s 100% less, because it is no minutes of totality. None percent of corona. Zero time you can look without the glasses. Etc. The idea that 99.9% is kind of as good is exactly what I’m trying to debunk here.

(In my metaphor, 100 feet was meant to be over the edge.)

Agreed! I bought and read it when it first came out.


You are 100% right. Now, 99.9% is cool, I won’t lie. Partial solar eclipses, especially those close to total are very interesting, but they cannot truly compare with a total solar eclipse. And those who can’t make it to the path of totality are definitely missing out. Every show I have run I have encouraged those who can to get to the path of totality.

BUT I also want those who can’t make it to know that the partial eclipse they’ll see is still very interesting.


Yes, absolutely. Watching a black hole (because you can’t actually see the moon) gradually eat into the sun is cool! It’s just a different animal.


Have you read the sequel, where Mark Carwardine takes Stephen Fry around the species he and Adams visited twenty years earlier for the original book?


I have not, I’ll have to check that out! Thanks!

A book about the Mark Carwardine / Stephen Fry recreation? Didn’t know there was one. I’ve seen the MeTube bits, but didn’t know they made a book out of it.

But I do now.

It’s on order.

And we are seriously off topic.

Dear mods, please forgive us. Or at least, forgive me. I recognize the error of my ways.

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Okay, trying to haul this thread back on track.

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Just got my Solar Eclipse set from Solar Snap: Eclipsers™ ‎| Solar Eclipse Viewer Glasses
Downloaded the Free App from Google Play and ordered my cell phone filter which came with 2 pairs of solar eclipse glasses.
Went outside and tested them… They Work! :sunglasses:
I’m ready for next week’s solar eclipse :raised_hands:


Hey if anyone else here is traveling into the path of the eclipse, you uh… shoulda made dinner reservations last week.

Admittedly mine’s a party of 8 so that’s a little harder but my sister just tried like 10 places before we found someone that could seat us all Monday night.



My family is more… fast food people. :slight_smile: The idea of going to a place that requires reservations is too upscale for us. :smiley:

Oh we are too, but I shudder to think where we’d have to eat without a reservation. I expect every burger stand and bbq joint in town to be mobbed. And I will NOT eat at Applebees :neutral_face: