Attaway General: Worst Show Ever?

I was patrolling IMDb not long ago when I came across a web series that on the surface seems like your average teen drama, only in a General Hospital scenario. The one thing that stood out was its rating: a whopping 1.0/10. Yes, exactly 1. To a T.

Wow! It must be worse than Pink Lady and Jeff, Galactica 1980, Turn-On, and Supertrain combined! So bad, it managed to net four seasons!

Yeah, I noticed a big discrepancy. I mean, a truly horrible show doesn’t get multiple seasons. Most don’t even make it past a single episode. Yet this show does everything wrong and still gets to keep going? That can’t be right. Since we are all consumers of bad media, I decided to see what all the fuss was about on Tubi.

One episode later and it was… not awful? Sure, the writing’s not great, the characters can be jerks, and a hospital is probably not the best setting to have some wacky antics but it’s well-meaning and the tonal mismatch can be rather enduring in its own cheesy way. Truly, it’s not the train-derailing-into-a-car-crash-while-a-plane-smashes-on-top-of-it wreck it was made out to be and I came out losing zero brain cells.

Am I missing something here? Is this just a glorified temper tantrum or am I not the best judger of quality? (Be honest.)