Audio and sync problems/ suggestions

Loving episode 1301 so far! A few problems I’ve noticed though:

  1. The visuals and audio don’t seem synchronized during the theme song, or the host segments, especially anything with Kinga in it.

  2. The volume difference between the movie and the riffs seems to be too much for me. I have to turn the volume up to hear the film but then the riffs are super loud.

Just my two cents. I’m only a little bit into the movie so I don’t know if these things get addressed at the end during the Gizmoplex walkthrough.


The sync issues are a product of the technical difficulties at the beginning, apparently.


I agree on both counts. The syncing was bad, and I get that it could be an issue with the stream and not the movie. The volume bothered me as well. When I had the volume turned up enough that I could understand the movie, the riffs were louder than I wanted.


The audio syncing was very distracting. If it wasn’t for the fact that the movie was dubbed over, I probably would have turned it off. I was hoping that when they came back from intermission that they would have fixed it, but it was still off.

I understand this is a new process, but I don’t want to rewatch that any time soon. Not with the audio issues.


I focused on the bots as much as I could during the host segments because watching Jonah’s mouth not synching was very distracting, but I rolled with it.


Yeah, I did the same.


I definitely agree with the volume mix. The movie was too quiet compared to the riffs. I loved the show, the live segments, even the “ads “! Minor tweak on the mix would just take it to the next level! Overall, I’m SO happy! You guys knocked it out of the park!


Same here. I was bummed about the movie/riff mix. I feel like I missed a fair amount of the jokes because I couldn’t hear what the movie characters were saying, and when I turned up the volume the riffs were just way too loud. Glad it wasn’t just me.

Hopefully the syncing issue will get ironed out too. Great job overall though!


I agree about the audio issues. The movie was too soft and I had to turn up my volume but then the riffs were too loud and I had to turn down my volume.

And I’m not sure if it was just me but towards the end of the show the volume got even louder and I had to keep turning my TV volume down.

But you know I can deal with it no worries. just give me more! :rofl:

I didn’t notice any syncing issues with the Google Chromecast app.



100 % agree about the sound thing


I only noticed the lip synch problem during the opening theme song. I wasn’t sure if it was a tech issue or just imperfect lip-synching by the actors. Didn’t bother me much.

There were moments during the movie when I had trouble hearing the riffs over the movie, especially when the music was really loud.


We also noticed sync problems, but assumed it was stream issues and not something actually in the source media.


I agree, the volume levels were way off to me. I had to turn the volume down so the riffs didn’t make my ears bleed and then I couldn’t hear most of the movie dialog. I hope they can go back and tweak that (and adjust things before the new episodes are released).

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I assumed the same thing. I even heard the episode piped in over one of the “live” segments. So I am hopeful the final product will not have any of the livestream flaws.

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So out of curiosity I’ve been re-watching the new episode on my phone with quality headphones and the volume levels are much more even.

I’m wondering if the issue was in Chromcasting it to my TV last night OR they simply figured out how to balance the sound before posting it for regular streaming.

I’ll try it again on my TV tomorrow and see if it’s any better.


We’re partway through 1301, and we’re having a blast watching it, but the sync issue is suuuuper distracting. We didn’t find the volume issue to be as bad, but the movie audio is a little quiet. This was using the MST3K app on Fire TV. We’re hoping that a re-upload will happen at some point (e.g., a re-edited version that isn’t just the recording of the live stream).

Hopefully they’ll be able to iron this out before 1302 is released - I have high hopes for that particular movie!


I watched it live on roku and although I noticed the sync issue, the overall mix sounded fine to me. Didn’t feel the need to ever adjust my volume during the movie. But during Joel’s intro the audio level did jump from very quiet to loud all of sudden about halfway through. I just wish they would have had a professional mic on Joel for the intro. It sounded like they were using the camera mic and it wasn’t good quality.