Auto-scroll and posts not being marked as read

Occasionally I’ll put a thread into auto-scroll through basic browser functionality, but just noticed that as the replies go by, the ‘read’ indicator doesn’t fade… is that typical Discourse functionality? It’s kind of crappy if so. It’s a lot easier on the hands etc not to have to keep clicking or a mouse button pressed… I can set a speed and take it easy on the hand/fingers. (And having gone through 7 months of PT for the type of motion that simple three button/scroll mouse use can force on you… being unable to draw or do the day job…)

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Not an expert, but IME that’s just how Discourse rolls. There’s some (to me) undetermined length of time for a post to register as “read.”

And that is why one gains “Regular” status and loses is in the twinkling of an eye. Among other behaviors, such as inattentiveness.

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It takes a few seconds for the software to register a screen’s worth of posts as “read”. I tend to read threads rather quickly and run into the same issue, that I’m reading faster than the forum thinks I am.

If you can set the speed of the scroll, slow it down some, and see what happens. I also notice on long threads (ones with a few hundred posts or more) it can take even longer for the software to catch up so to speak, so you may have to fiddle with things until you find a speed that matches your reading time and keeps the software happy.

Sometimes the length of time it wants is lengthened by website slowpokery.

The speed doesn’t change the registering… at least not for me. It’ll work for a few seconds, then stop. Anyone else have luck with it?