Autograph Collecting

Autograph Collecting. Any of you collect? Show us your pictures. What’s your most prized catch? Is there someone who got away? Who do you have and why do you love it?

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My Back to the Future (1985) 12x18 which trotted back recently. Michael J. Fox, writer/producer Bob Gale, Huey Lewis, character actor James Tolkan, cinematographer Dean Cundey, and Marvin Berry himself Harry Waters Jr. I’m debating throwing on more.


I have exactly two autographed things. (Well… I might have more but no others I care enough about to remember.)



What else does a girl need?


A prized possession. A Gene Hackman signed and character named French Connection (1971) fedora.


I’d take an autograph of pearls mint, which sounds way ruder than I meant.


I am not an autograph collector per se, although I do have some autographs from interesting people. I think my most interesting autograph is in a book my father bought. He did his dissertation on George Bernard Shaw and he bought a book of signed programs from the Malvern Festival Theater which put on Shaw plays regularly and one of the autographs is from a young Errol Flynn.

Some other autographs I have- Fritz Lang (signature in a letter to my father, who later became a film historian), Miklos Rosza (same), Art Spiegelman both signed and drew a picture in my copy of Maus 2, I got Nichelle Nichols’ autograph at a Star Trek convention when I was 12, David Ossman signed my copy of Don’t Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers when he was a guest star on a comedy album I was a part of.

I also have Bob Burden’s autograph in a Flaming Carrot comic, but no one cares about that but me.


Wow. That’s just stunning! Treasure that forever!


I had a couple of Terry Pratchett books autographed and one by Jasper Fforde but after a messy divorce I don’t think I do anymore.


My hats are off to you. My compliments to your father. I haven’t the privilege of meeting Nichelle in person. Two of my items were mailed to her representative early last year. She signed them beautifully.


I do! It’s literally the first thing on my “save in case of fire” list. Unfortunately I did not meet Douglas Adams; my sister got this autograph for me when he did a book signing in Minneapolis.


Not really an autograph hound - I’d much rather knit something for the folks I meet than get them to write their name on something or other.

That said, I do have a bunch of autographed books, because when you go to author signings, you kind of have to get something signed.

I did lay out some real money to purchase a book signed by Ellery Queen many years ago. I’d have to say it’s the prize of my collection.

I also have books signed by Ray Bradbury and Jimmy Carter.


Well I’ve got these; several hockey player autographs also. I very much want a couple autographs; Mark Hamill for one, tho I’ll take the pictures more these days.


I always like to get musicians to sign my album purchases if they are working their own merch booth at the end of a show. Got 30+ years worth of those accumulated. There are lots of them that probably only mean something to me, personally, but every once in a while I run into one that went on to do much bigger and better things.



I have too many to count, but these are some of my favorites.

Picture 1: Danhausen (Wrestler)

Picture 2: Eric Freeman from Silent Night, Deadly Night 2, Barry Bostwick in Rocky Horror, and Dominic Monaghan in LOTR

Picture 3: Dame Judi Dench, Drew McIntyre signed book, and Henry Winkler

Picture 4: Giancarlo Esposito in Breaking Bad, and behind hi is my good friend and AEW wrestler Rob Ryzin.


Not much of an autograph collector, but I do have…


… the first three villain novels signed.

I used to have Moby’s autograph but lost it in a move at some point.


The only thing I have along those lines is an autographed copy of The MST3K Amazing Colossal Episode Guide that was sold through the Info Club. Heh, I guess that’s enough for me!


Alan Tudyk at Creations Salute to Firefly/Serenity in 2008 in Burbank,California I got to close up shake his hand no table between us and he autographed the Largest privately owned prop the Flying Ambulance from the “Ariel” episode . The prop is now in Oregon .

I will attempt to post some photos on this Thread


My John Carpenter Autographed Flats and Poster.


I don’t have access to pictures at work, but offhand I can think of several things.

I have the autographed posters from the first MST3K Kickstarter and a few other things autographed by Joel (a couple of the woodcuts from the second live tour). Separate from MST3K I have an official 6th scale figure of the 13th Doctor complete with Jodie’s signature on a metal display plate, John DeLancie’s autograph from a long ago Star Trek con, James Doohan’s from ANOTHER Star Trek con, an autographed CD I won in an auction with all of the members of Stone Sour having signed it, and three of the members of Pop Evil plus Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch from when I was on Shiprocked 2012.

I might have others, but those are what immediately come to mind.

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Not really an autograph collector, but somewhere I have a pack of cigarettes autographed by all of the members of Cheap Trick (long story).