Automatic Filter

I just made the following post:

And it took me an extra 15 minutes to do so, because I got the following error message when trying to post it:

This is because Shout Factory has in a lot of its URLs for MST3K a bunch of roman numerals, including “X X X”. So I had to replace all of those URLs with shortened URLs to get past that.

Any way we can get that removed from the filter, so that we can post links to those Shout Factory pages? Or does MST3K want to sell less DVDs? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is not something the mods can alter. I’ve referred it to @Lesley for review.

It even parses hotlinks for naughty words? It sure is putting the dis in discourse.

Yes, yes it does. Doesn’t seem to care, if it finds it ANYWHERE in the text of the post, the alarm sounds.

But how will we discuss our moonshine?

Sounds like you need some kind of speakeasy.

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Oh, that’s the other leading brand of moonshine…

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I’m surprised Discourse isn’t internally expanding shortened links to check for outgoing links to malware or spam sites and catching forbidden words that way. Seems like a no-brainer to me.