B-movie Database

Does anybody else remember a website called something to the tune of “b-movie database?” There were brutally honest, but funny reviews of all these films.
I used to frequent it and that site’s forums, but eventually the person running the site stopped updating the site. It was mostly older movies. Birdemic was the latest movie it covered.

The only other thing I remember about it was the site had a plain black background, the text was yellow, and the rest of the designs were bright green. Or at least some combination of those colors. Oh and their rating system was x amount of skulls out of 5 (or 10) instead of stars. That’s what I remember.


I remember this site and I believe that I still have it bookmarked on my personal laptop (I’ll check when I get off work).

The reviews always had a section of things the reviewer had learned from the movie which zeroed in on the ridiculous. Good stuff.


Yay! Maybe my memory isn’t failing me quite as much as I thought. Lol

I had it bookmarked on an old laptop, too, but that CPU went the way of the dodo a few years ago and took everything on it down with it.

Is this it? BadMovies.org


@FreemanLowell That’s exactly it! Thanks!

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Sadly, it looks like the last update was in 2013.
Luckily, the forums are still quite active.

I came here to say badmovies.org. This is pretty much the best spot online to discover some tasty b movie nuggets!


Heck yeah! It’s a shame it’s no longer being updated, but I’m thankful it’s still being hosted.

I remember as a teenager, my sister and I would go through BadMovies.org, look for some of the worst movies possible, see if they were on Netflix, and then have to wait like a week for the disc to show up in the mail. We watched a lot of bad (and also really good) movies that way. In fact, one of my most hated movies I’ve ever seen, The Cars That Ate Paris, was one we learned about from BadMovies.org. We were thoroughly warned and yet somehow I still felt disappointed.

Agony Booth was another bad movie site I remember going to a lot in high school and college. Anybody remember Agony Booth?


Very cool! I’ll check out Agony Booth.

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i-Mockery was another good site that had some bad movie reviews (and also tongue-in-cheek reviews of good but more obscure movies), but they also had a lot of video game, comic book, and miscellaneous weird internet content as well. I loved that almost all of their movie reviews included the jankiest gifs ever that were only about a dozen frames maximum.

Really miss that style of internet content.

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I-love I-mockery! Sadly the person who runs that site stopped updating new entries on there after his wife past away a few years ago.

As of September 1st, though, he put the Halloween graphics and accoutrements around the website.

Aw man, I didn’t know that. I didn’t even know he was married, that’s how long it’s been since I’ve been to the site. I still have fond memories of it, though.

I still remember when he was on The Daily Show for all of like, five seconds on a segment about Boo Berry cereal and he dyed his hair blue for the occasion.

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Speaking of which, does anyone know what happened to Agony Booth? agonybooth.com appears to be a non-functional address now (for about 3 weeks since I happened to click on a link there, but maybe a lot longer than that), and their Twitter feed was last updated in late 2021.

I haven’t been able to find anything online about what, if anything, happened, etc.

There’s also this site, which I use occasionally:


I wrote some reviews for them back in the day. I bet I would cringe at them now.