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Damn, Emily, you coulda put an eye out! Be careful.


Well, if Joel killed jazz, at least we still have Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes to bring us… wait, I can’t say that word here, can I?


Wait, no. I just remembered. Unfortunately.

It wasn’t Joel. Megatron killed Jazz.


I just finished watching this and wow. I’m close to gasping about as much as Conor from laughing at that spy caper. That was hysterical and fantastic and now I have a new profile pic thanks to this thread.


Do you think the next episode will have a reference to the Bee Gees song?

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Johnny didn’t really hate jazz. He just strongly disliked jazz.

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I finally finished watching this, and that spy game was hilarious. Everyone’s character was good, but Conor’s student was probably the best. I love it when he gets the giggles, and it seemed like everyone was struggling to keep in control this time.

Oh, and the Secret Agent Super Dragon rap was great, especially the way he worked in Servo’s theme song.


Johnny didn’t care for bebop. He was strictly a trad guy. But that would have been too long a band name.


It just hit me: that Guster song would be great for the Super-Dragon super-remake. So long as there’s a Jazz version somewhere in there, too.


Well, good. I never liked Johnny, either. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Or was that Bourgeois Tagg? Well, they both needed to be horsewhipped for crimes against popular music. So… either way.


Johnny not caring is kind of Johnny’s thing.


If he’d had any self-respect at all, the band would’ve been called Johnny And The Mouldy Figges.

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I missed this live, but thank goodness for the VODs, I was veritably on the floor with laughter, a great tribute event.

One thing that surprised me that I don’t think anyone else has commented on yet: If you wait till the veeeeeery end, you’ll hear a very familiar voice under the Alternaversal logo. :heart:


I haven’t watched this episode often, but I want to applaud the William Holden in Sunset Boulevard reference they made when we first see Super Dragon in his trance next to the pool. :clap: That is the 4,295,590th reason why I love this show.


A name. A big one.


The treatment on this episode tribute was amazing! The new host segments kept the episode feeling fresh. The backer roll call is a great idea! And the rap at the end was fantastic.

All hail Minsky.


We don’t seem to have an episode discussion thread for this one, and I don’t feel like making it. So I’ll just ask here…

What was the deal with the coffin escape? (It’s been a few days since I watched the episode, so please correct me if I get any of this wrong.

  1. Super Dragon is knocked out and placed inside a coffin. The coffin belongs to the bad guys, so it has no built-in spy tricks.

  2. The coffin is somehow sealed airtight. SD hears that he’ll be dumped into the lake and abandoned within an hour, so he turns off his metabolism for an hour.

  3. The coffin is dumped into the lake. Despite being made of wood and sealed with a sizable air pocket inside, it sinks straight to the bottom. Presumably it was weighted somehow at some point?

  4. Right on time, SD wakes up. The inside of the coffin is still dry. He pulls… Something. Some gadget Baby Face made. Probably that scene was cut for time? He did show that the bulletproof vest came with trigger cords that could be pulled, but if he said what they did, I missed it. Anyway, balloons explode out from… SD’s pants, I think? The coffin floats to the surface.

  5. The coffin lid is still sealed. Baby Face pulls out a specialized battery powered handheld circular saw from… somewhere. I guess he left some tools in the boat they used to get to the bad guys’ place? Or maybe it’s a tool designed to open crates which he grabbed from the docks? He cuts the screws that were sealing the coffin lid. Super Dragon emerges, still dry.

So… Huh?

Why did the coffin sink? Where were the tanks of compressed air that inflated the buoyancy balloons? Why did the bad guys not find them? How did the balloons get outside the sealed coffin? If they didn’t get outside the coffin, why would redistributing the air inside the sealed coffin have any effect?

I’m sure we missed some stuff that was cut for time. But I can’t make any sense of what we did see.

Is there something I’m missing, or is it just terrible writing?


CREW MEMBER WHO GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL: “Um, Mr. Ferroni? I’d just like to point out that this scene doesn’t make any sense scientifically…”

DIRECTOR GIORGIO FERRONI: “That’s it for you, then.”

Other crew members frog-march science boy to edge of dock and toss him in.


When you need a Q but don’t have the budget, you do that and pretend not to notice.


They got a sampler of the Secret Agent Super Rap on the Youtube page!

Link to the full version: