Backer Flair appearance

Now all Backers look like we’re perpetually online :slight_smile:


You mean you aren’t?


I think the green circle is one of those “the right people will get it” things from Joel.


Or we’ve been marked as discounted for the cut-out bin.


Well, I’m not even getting the flair. And I used the same email, so… I’d take one with or without “K”

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Parliamentarian voice: I refer the honourable gentleman to the answer previously stated.

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I decided not to bother with it.

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I also do not have “backer” next to my name. =(

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Did you contact the board admins in the linked thread? They should be able to connect your identity here to your backer email address. Then you’ll have the option of enabling the Backer label and Flair (if/when that comes back).

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Hi, I’m finally catching up to use this account and I’m a Backer, but the link everyone keeps referencing is either dead or private. - This goes to an OOPS! Not there! page. :frowning:

I checked BackerKit and it says it should show up on the Forum.

1 - Backer Status on MST3K Forums


Are you using the same email for the forum that you used for the KS?

Also check your Preferences. There should be a drop-down menu about halfway down the page


If you see the “backer 2021-verified”, click that, it will give you the flair.

If this doesn’t work, you may need to email with your email and backer number and let them know you need the flair.

With the premieres this weekend, it may take until Monday for someone to respond.

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Yeah, it’s the same email. There’s nothing that says Flair anywhere in my Preferences. Just basic stuff.

I’ll send them an email, maybe someone can fix it Monday.